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Bulk Order Small Plastic Plant Pots Cheap

Taomi water is acidic and rich in phosphorus(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). It can be used as organic fertilizer to grow vegetables, watering flowers, etc. It seems that it is a pity to dump rice water when cooking. Taomi water is rich in phosphorus, which can promote flower bud differentiation and help flower bud formation. Plastic flower pots and flowers such as rose, primrose, winter coral, etc., if you can often use water to pour rice, it will make the flowers flourish, and the result is exhausting(plastic nursery pots). Taomi water is used to water azaleas, Milan and other acidic flowers.

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(bulk order small plastic plant pots cheap)It not only promotes plant growth, prolongs flowering time, but also prevents yellowing(98 cell propagation trays wholesale). However, it is not good to use the Taomi water to water the flowers for a long time. This will cause the plastic flower pot to soil the knot, which will hinder the flower roots from breathing. If too much is poured, it may cause root damage to the plant. Therefore, if you want to use Taomi water to water the flowers(plastic nursery pots wholesale), you need to first ferment and ferment, only the nutrients inside will be absorbed by the flowers.

So how to water the flowers with rice water? Dilute the rice water after fermentation(105 cell propagation trays wholesale), the fertility will be more moderate, so that it can be used directly instead of tap water, which is also helpful for improving the soil quality of plastic flower pots. Use fermented rice water to water the flowers, to ensure that thin fertilizer is applied. The number of times should not be too much, which makes it easy for the plastic pots to be sour(black plastic nursery pots), which will have an adverse effect on flower production. Taomi water can not be mixed with alkaline fertilizer, the two will neutralize each other, can not achieve the expected effect, can be mixed with acid fertilizer.

(bulk order small plastic plant pots cheap)Matters needing attention(128 cell propagation trays wholesale): Taomi water is only a supplement, do not completely replace organic fertilizer, the application of organic fertilizer should be timely fertilization. In addition, not all flowers can be watered with fermented rice water, and alkaline plants such as cactus and Adiantum can not be used. It can turn waste water into treasure, it is environmentally friendly and economical, and it is also a pleasure to raise flowers.....and most importantly(plug trays wholesale), the rice water is milder and more suitable for flower pot flower growth.

But some friends don't like the taste of fertilizer, you can try to add some orange peel, the effect is very good(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). Because the orange peel contains a lot of essential oils, during the fermentation process, the fragrance can be continuously volatilized, thereby reducing the unpleasant smell of the fertilizer. Moreover, orange peel itself is also a very good flower fertilizer. Since the water lily is a hi-light plant and needs a well-ventilated environment, it is best to put the plastic flower pot in a relatively open place outdoors(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). If it is at home, it is best to put the plastic flower pot on the balcony.

(bulk order small plastic plant pots cheap)This way the water lily will bloom during the day(200 cell propagation trays wholesale), close at night, and then open again the next morning. Water lily has a flowering period of 4 to 5 months a year. If the water lily planted in a plastic flower pot is placed in a shaded area outside, it can bloom normally, but the plant will grow weaker. Water lily has no special requirements for water quality. The pH value is between 6 and 8(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). It can grow normally. Generally, the water depth is 25 to 30 cm, and the deepest is not more than 80 cm.

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