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Bulk Plastic 20 Gallon Nursery Pots In Canada

In this perfect spring season(1 gallon nursery pots), sunflowers that have grown in the greenhouse for nearly 15 days have been transplanted into the shed and transferred to the outdoor soil that should belong to them. There are five steps that must be done. A small partner interested in sunflowers can come to science(wholesale greenhouse pots). They are loose soil, seedlings, seedlings, watering, and seedlings. These five steps are very strict and indispensable.(bulk plastic 20 gallon nursery pots in canada)

Before the sunflowers are out of the shed, the soil to be transplanted is firstly loosened(seedling trays). The soil is used to make the soil breathable, to store more water, to make the roots of the sunflower grow faster, and the plants to grow better. Do not injure the sunflowers. When removing the seedlings, be sure to protect the roots(greenhouse pots). It is best to carry the soil transplant. This is the sunflower seed that has just been pulled out, very tender and very green.

And the distance of transplanting must also be controlled(black plastic plant pots), so that the nutrition is not enough, the place is too small, and the last leaves are not open. Be careful to dig from a little bit next to it, dig a little deeper and plant it again, try not to touch the roots of the sunflower. It took five days for the sunflowers to be transplanted in place(plastic grow pots). After another 50 days, these sunflowers will just enter the flowering period. I believe the scenery will be beautiful.

(bulk plastic 20 gallon nursery pots in canada)Transplanting sunflowers is not an easy task(best 1020 trays). Put more sun in the sun room, even if the temperature suddenly rises to 30 degrees in those days, don't worry that the seedlings will be killed by heat. Can't stand it anymore, don't be too greedy to plant too much, will take care of these lovely sunflowers. The process of pulling out the seedlings should be very careful(plant trays). The process of planting the seedlings should also be cautious. 

The sunflower that has just been transplanted must be filled with fixed root water, and it must be poured(square nursery pots). Because it is a small seedling, the amount of water needed is not much. After the transplant, the soil is wet for a long time. On the second day after the transplanting, a heavy rain swept over(24 cell seed trays). After the heavy rain, many sunflowers were overwhelmed by heavy rain, and the next work will start to check the seedlings and make up the seedlings.

Fortunately, after the lack of seedlings(seed starter trays), Xiao Zhou’s uncle is timely and will not affect the viewing effect during the blooming period. Waiting for the sprouted seedlings to emerge from the soil, open two cute cotyledons (Anyway, the two pieces that started the longest), you can transplant them into the big basin(5 gallon plant pot)! A pot of a seedling, don't greet to plant too much, so the nutrition is not enough, the place is too small, and the last leaves are not open.

(bulk plastic 20 gallon nursery pots in canada)I don't know if it is called cotyledons? Watering the root water must be thoroughly poured(15 gallon flower pots). Then just put it there. It is recommended to put it indoors with sunlight. If there is a sun room, put it in the sun room. Don't put it in the open air immediately, because the temperature in early spring is not stable enough, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is still relatively large(4 cell seed starting trays). Sunflowers are not afraid of heat.

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