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Bulk Pots For Succulents Cheap Price

Ruixiang is a kind of flower plant that is both beautiful and fragrant(90mm plastic grow pots). It has a high ornamental value and is loved by the public. It is cultivated as a family pot. However, if you want the Ruixiang potted plant to grow well, the maintenance management work needs to be done well. It is intended to restore its growth quickly after flowering and lay a good foundation for flowering in the coming year. The post-emphasis management of Ruixiang is very important(plug trays wholesale). We want to raise the fragrance, and the maintenance after the flower should be a key point.

(bulk pots for succulents cheap price)In particular, Ruixiang is blooming and fragrant(100mm plastic grow pots). After completing a round of flowering, how should we maintain it? How to maintain it after the flowering period? The management of Ruixiang is very important. We must not put it aside because we manage it. If you are good, you will have another round of flowers in the spring of next year. But after the first round of flowering(black plastic nursery pots), we need to strengthen the treatment of potted plants. So, how to maintain after the Ruixiang flowering period?

We can count 2 leaves from the bottom of the flower and cut off the remaining flowers and the 2 leaves below(10cm plastic grow pots). There is no need to keep it at this time, so you need to cut it off until you have cut off all the remaining flowers and even the flowers that are still open. Of course, through the post-flowering pruning treatment, you can save a lot of nutrients and make the nutrients more concentrated to the plants(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Originally, this can promote the rapid growth of the plants.

(bulk pots for succulents cheap price)It is often urgent to increase nutrients to promote their growth and to extract new collaterals(11cm plastic grow pots). Cutting off residual flowers is an effective way to save nutrient consumption. However, the nutrients saved by pruning only after flowering are not enough to allow the plants to recover quickly, and they need to be topdressed in time to supplement more nutrients(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Therefore, usually after the pruning of the potted fragrant crops, a relatively balanced compound fertilizer of NPK can be applied.

Usually, a gram of scoop is applied to a pot to achieve the effect of top dressing(10.5cm plastic grow pots). The fertilizer can also be spread directly and evenly on the surface of the potting soil. In this way, the nutrients in the fertilizer will penetrate into the soil under the action of watering for the roots of Ruixiang. After a period of maintenance, of course(wholesale nursery pots), especially when the temperature in the spring of March is relatively stable, I can apply a compound fertilizer for it.

(bulk pots for succulents cheap price)People are more conducive to the flower bud differentiation of Ruixiang, and then let it bloom smoothly(110mm plastic grow pots). If we can do the work of pruning and fertilizer management, it will bloom a new round of flowers in the spring of the next spring. However, even if we do not maintain Ruixiang for the purpose of spring flowering(plastic nursery pots), it is very necessary to pruning and fertilizing after the flowering period, because it is very important for the plant to recover quickly.

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