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Presumably in other seasons in winter, fewer vegetables can be eaten(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). Although there are many off-season vegetables, the taste is still slightly worse. But there is a kind of vegetable that tastes very delicious in winter. It is leek. The price of leek in winter is not low(plastic tree pots). So many people want to plant leek on their own. First of all, why are there more chives in winter?

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However, although chives are not common at other times, chives can be produced in other seasons, but chives are grown in winter with the best quality and efficiency(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). Leeks use the nutrients stored in the root system in summer and autumn, and then in the dark and no photosynthesis environment in winter(plastic plant pots bulk), because the leaves and stems of leeks cannot produce chlorophyll, they will lose green and turn yellow, so they become the leeks we eat.

(bulk pots for succulents manufacturers canada)An average catty can sell for five or six dollars(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). The key to producing chives in winter is to do a good job in maintaining heat. Most of the production uses strong roots for more than two years to produce leeks. The first year is mainly seedling cultivation in spring. This method is still used by most rural people(plug flats wholesale). Each soil cultivation should be 1-5 cm. Be careful not to exceed the heart of the chives. No leeks are produced in winter. 

Here, we need to plant chives in the greenhouse in winter, and we can cultivate them in the open in spring and autumn(40 cell plug tray wholesale). If we grow vegetables on the balcony, we can also plant chives in winter. Leek varieties should be selected for low temperature resistance, low light resistance, and good plant erectity, such as Chinese winter leek, snow leek, yellow leek, etc.(cell plug trays), which can grow in completely dark conditions, have thick leaves and high yield.

If the variety is not suitable, it will not produce chives. Continue to cultivate strong roots in summer and transplant in autumn(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). I think those who have planted chives are familiar with the first step. In the spring of the second year, the green leek was not harvested, and normal fertilization, watering and spraying were carried out before the winter(greenhouse pots), and the softening cultivation of the leek was carried out after the winter.(bulk pots for succulents manufacturers canada)

It is mainly cultivated by softening leek(12cm plastic grow pots). In fact, this softening cultivation is mainly softening leek. How can it be softened? There are many methods. Common methods are tile tube method, soil softening method, and small arch black film production method. The most commonly used method is soil softening(7 gallon nursery pots). Specifically, after leeks are cultivated, they are covered with horse dung, straw, or crop stalks to produce chives.

(bulk pots for succulents manufacturers canada)Then there is also the production of leeks in small shed black films in these years(120mm plastic grow pots). It is also commonly used because of its simple operation. However, if you want to plant leeks in the south, the tile method is basically used. In spring, soil cultivation can start when the leaves of chives grow to 8 cm in length(5 gallon black plastic nursery pots). The soil cultivation times should be 5-6 times and the soil cultivation height should be 18-25 cm.

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