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How to fertilize potted plum: plum (prnusmume) Rosaceae is a deciduous tree, the branches are pretty(162 cell plug trays supplier), the flowers are beautiful, the fragrance is fragrant. Plum blossoms are also resistant to barrenness, no fertilization during flowering, and 1 time of application of nitrogen(plug trays wholesale). The new shoots are no longer fertilized until they are about 18 cm long.(buy cheap plastic hanging baskets wholesale)

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In late June and early July, a 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution was sprayed once to promote flower bud differentiation(200 cell plug trays supplier). After the deciduous deciduous leaves in the late autumn, the application of NPK compound fertilizer or 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution promotes the development of flower buds, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer to promote rejuvenation. 

At the beginning of January, when plum blossoms are waiting to be released, one quick-acting fertilizer should be applied to promote the opening of plum blossoms(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). However, this fat cut can not be applied too thick, otherwise it is easy to cause fat damage, it should be thin, and the water must be poured back after the application, the frost is snowy, and the cold is blooming(buy cheap plastic hanging baskets wholesale).

When the pot is changed after flowering in March(50 cell plant trays bulk), the compounded slow-acting organic fertilizer, such as cake fertilizer, bone powder, poultry manure, etc., is applied to gradually absorb the pot plum(buy cheap plastic hanging baskets wholesale). Applying a top dressing in April for the spring hair leaves. When the new shoots are 3-5 cm long, the growth is good, the fertilizer is not applied, and the NPK compound fertilizer is applied once.

From mid-June to early July, when the new shoots stop growing for 10 days, quick-acting phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, such as superphosphate, potassium chloride, etc., can be applied to promote flower bud formation(black plastic nursery pots). This fertilizer can not be applied too early, too early to promote the continued growth of new shoots, which is not good for flower bud formation.

(buy cheap plastic hanging baskets wholesale)The old mountain mud, the pond mud and the topsoil of the vegetable garden can be used as the culture soil(200 cell plant trays bulk). In the first ten days of August, the plum blossoms are rooted for the second time. At the same time, in order to promote the flower bud hypertrophy, the topdressing with phosphorus and potassium may be applied once, in the winter when the flowers are withered. 

After the first ten days of September, in order to achieve strong hair, you can apply 1 or 2 times(plastic nursery pots). Futian should stop the fertilizer, and it should not be fertilized during the flowering period(buy cheap plastic hanging baskets wholesale). Potted plums are better for pots and pottery basins with better permeability, and purple sand pots can also be used to crush charcoal blocks or broken hard plastic foam blocks on the bottom of the basin.

2-3 years after the flower, turn the pot and change the soil once(32 cell plant trays bulk). Mei is one of the most potted varieties with Chinese characteristics. The Chinese culture has the sayings of “Chunlan, Xiahe, Qiuju, Dongmei”, and it is about to enter the winter(buy cheap plastic hanging baskets wholesale). Plum blossom is the focus of the flower growers. During the flowering period, the water should be controlled to prolong the flowering period.

In this stage, in order to keep the soil moist, the water should be slightly increased during the flowering period, and the water should not be cut off. The provinces south of the Yangtze River Basin are most suitable for the growth of plum blossoms(plastic nursery pots wholesale). To maintain potted plum blossoms, water and fertilizer are the most important. It is necessary to learn how to water the potted plum blossoms(buy cheap plastic hanging baskets wholesale).

Plum blossoms and well-ventilated environment(50 cell seed trays wholesale), good fat and fear of phlegm, more cold-resistant, but very resistant to toxic gases, responsive. Plum watering must be timely and appropriate, and it is better to moisten the soil. From October to March of the next year, the temperature will be cold and cool, and the water will be poured from once a day to once every other day to several days(wholesale nursery pots). 

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