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Buy Cheap Round Greenhouse 17 cm Plastic Plant Pots

The sunshade rate of the sunshade net should be 60%, and the sunshade net is 20 cm away from the shed film and free to move(small potting pots). In the high temperature period from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on a sunny day, the greenhouse is covered with a sunshade net to prevent direct sunlight. When the light is weak before the rainy or sunny morning and after 4 pm, the sunshade net is removed. It not only prevents high temperature from glare(1 gallon fabric grow bags), but also allows spinach to have sufficient sunlight for photosynthesis.

It is best to remove the true leaves and add 0.5 mm aperture to the insect net to avoid the insects(rootmaker trays). The shading net is removed 15 days before harvesting. Watering should be watered, watered, and cold water, once in the morning and evening. As the seedling area grows, reduce the number of watering and keep the soil moist(plastic ground cover for weeds). Do not flood the water, pay attention to the string after the rain. In the prosperous growth period, the water demand is large, and the water is timely poured according to the soil moisture.

(buy cheap round greenhouse 17 cm plastic plant pots)When the soil is dry, apply it first(grow bags manufacturers). After the true leaves, timely pouring about 20% of the light animal manure water, but 15 days before harvesting, stop applying manure, the growth period, so it should be combined with watering to apply quick-acting fertilizer 2~3 times, per acre day Biogas slurry 500 kg(decorative plastic planters). Harvesting at the right time is generally 25 days after sowing, and when the seedling height is 20 cm or more, harvesting can begin.

The soil moisture is not easy to infiltrate or evaporate. It is best to apply topdressing with light application and diligence(100 gallon grow bags). Properly apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Therefore, spinach is a cold-tolerant vegetable that is also heat-resistant. Therefore, strengthen the management of the seedbed to avoid the occurrence of low temperature and high humidity conditions. The whole process should be sheltered from rain(fabric bag manufacturer). After each fertilization, it should be poured continuously for 5 days. 

100 kg of 20% methyl chlorophosphorus emulsifiable concentrate or 50% of double-powdered double-powder powder was applied to 100 kg of fine dry soil(15 gallon plant container), and the soil was covered with a layer of soil and covered with soil. After the onset of the disease, the drug can be treated with 72% ke WP 800 times solution, 72.2% Plex water 500 times solution(plastic garden plant pots), 15% carbaryl water agent 400 times solution, 69% gram manganese zinc water dispersion granule 1000 times solution.(buy cheap round greenhouse 17 cm plastic plant pots)

After emergence, use the greenhouse or medium and small arch shed to cover the shade net(10 gallon fabric grow bags), clear the cover and expose it, and cover it early, cool and moisturize, and prevent rainstorms. Spinach has a short growth period, a fast growth rate, a high yield, and a large amount of fertilizer(fabric planter bags australia). The ratio of N-P-K can be selected from 23-8-16, 23-7-16, 21-9-18, etc. The pathogens of the disease are overwintered in the topsoil by oospores and survive in the soil for a long time.

(buy cheap round greenhouse 17 cm plastic plant pots)According to calculations, it is generally scheduled to be planted in stages from mid-November to early July(fabric bags bulk). And easy to pre-twitch, pests and diseases are difficult to control, if the top dressing is best to use nitrate-nitrogen fertilizer, while paying attention to the application of foliar fertilizer(garden planters wholesale). It can be grown all year round. Because of the variety of spinach, but for farmers friends, most of them are planted spring spinach, autumn spinach and wintering spinach.

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