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If the temperature is below -10 °C for a long time, garlic is prone to freeze damage(large plastic terracotta pots). Different varieties of garlic have different tolerance to low temperature, and white garlic has strong cold tolerance, such as Laiwu white skin. Some varieties are less resistant to cold, such as Lu Gar No. 2(2.5 inch square plastic pots). Some varieties are planted all the year round, the degradation is more serious, the cold resistance will be worse and worse, and it is easy to cause winter frost damage.

The absorption capacity of the root is weak, and the soil is required to be high(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The soil suitable for cultivation must be rich in organic matter and have good gas permeability. Long-term partial application of chemical fertilizers, resulting in soil compaction, is also likely to cause malformation of garlic roots, poor cold resistance(plant pots uk). There is a certain difference in the response of garlic to the low temperature in different growth stages of the same variety.(buy large plastic garden pots cheap online)

It is recommended that garlic farmers actively choose(nursery plant pots). The perennial sowing time of northern garlic is generally concentrated in late September, but with the popularity of mulching cultivation area, the garlic sowed in this period tends to grow stronger before winter, so that the plants grow to 7-8 leaves before winter, and some can reach 9 Leaves(commercial plant pots), so the ability to resist freezing is weak, it is easy to cause large-scale freezing damage.

Garlic is a relatively cold-resistant crop that can withstand short-term temperatures of -10 °C(square grow pots). The young plants have the strongest cold tolerance when 4-5 leaves are used. This is the most suitable wintering age for autumn-sown garlic. It is too large and too susceptible to freezing damage(heavy duty plant trays). Moreover, with the increase of planting area, some garlic farmers have to start early in order to save labor costs, which leads to the advance of the sowing date.(buy large plastic garden pots cheap online)

This is more likely to cause freezing damage(gallon pot). If the ridge is suitable for a depth of 3-4 cm, the ridge is 2-3 cm. Some straws are returned to the field for rotary tillage, the suppression is not true, the soil is loose, the sowing is too shallow, and there are hidden dangers of low temperature freezing damage and drought disaster(cheap grow pots). In recent years, the phenomenon of garlic damage in some areas is serious, causing great losses to the garlic farmers.

It is necessary to plough the land in time after the harvest of the former crop(plastic plant trays wholesale). The characteristics of garlic varieties have been degraded, resulting in poor resistance to stress, reduced yield and disease resistance. In order to reduce losses and improve the disease resistance and high yield of garlic, it is possible to introduce improved varieties for replacement according to specific conditions(grow pots for sale). Otherwise, the seedlings are late, the seedlings are weak, and they are twitching late. 

The sowing depth is controlled at 2-3cm, which is not conducive to emergence, and the shallow anti-freezing performance is weakened. The ploughing layer is only a dozen centimeters. One of the reasons is that the garlic varieties are single and the planting time is long. According to the comparison test of varieties in recent years(10 inch plastic plant pots), the yield performance and stress resistance of Jinxiang No.1 and Laijiao series are better.(buy large plastic garden pots cheap online)

Let the soil shine in the sun, which is called drying the ridge to promote soil weathering(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). After a few days, come back to the fine sputum, so that the soil can reach the upper Panasonic, no dark and dark. In recent years, garlic farmers have been accustomed to rotary tillage. It cannot break the bottom of the plow(128 cell trays). It is recommended to plow at least once every two years to facilitate the rooting of the roots and improve the resistance of garlic.

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