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Watering is the key(gallon plant pot). Then, how long does the potted planted orchid in the house water once? Let’s take a look at how to water it to make the hanging orchid grow better! In fact, the watering of the potted spider plant is If you don't know the time, you need to see it and re-water it. As long as the soil is very dry, use the toothpick to insert it into the soil(wholesale greenhouse pots). If the soil inside is very dry, you can water it.

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Hi wet environment, always keep the basin soil moist(cell trays), watering in summer should be sufficient, before and after noon and evening should also spray water on the branches to prevent the leaves dry. For example, there are more dust on the spider plant, which not only affects its growth, but also damages the branches and leaves(greenhouse supplies pots). It is fresh and fresh, so it is necessary to spray the leaves frequently to keep the leaves bright and beautiful.

The summer temperature is high, the sun is strong, the water evaporates quickly, and the number of watering is appropriately increased(gallon nursery pots). As long as it is dry, it should be watered at least twice a day. To ensure the humidity of the air around the plants, sprinkle water around them. As long as you don't water for a day, it's easy to get rid(plastic grow pots). In winter, when the temperature is lower than 5 °C, the spider plant basically stops growing. Try not to water it as much as possible.

Although the hanging orchid is good to raise, it should be paid attention to in normal maintenance(propagation tray). The lower dead leaves and yellow leaves should be removed at any time. It should not be dried or too wet. Especially when it is a few degrees below zero, even if the soil surface is very dry, watering should be cautious(flat plastic tray). After the autumn, the amount of watering is gradually reduced to improve the cold resistance of the plants.

There are often many dusts in the room(black plastic plant pots). Indoor ventilation is relatively weak, and water evaporation is less, so the basin soil is always tidal. At this time, watering should be less. If you see the tide, do not water. Water is appropriately watered according to the ventilation of the potting soil(13cm plastic grow pots). Needless to say, everyone knows that the outdoor water evaporates greatly, and the poured water is quickly dried, so it is necessary to replenish the water in time.

Especially in the relatively dry areas such as the north, you can spray the water in the morning and evening(square nursery pots), or you can sprinkle water on the ground next to the hanging orchid to increase the air humidity. Its fleshy root water storage organization is developed, and its drought resistance is strong(15cm plastic grow pots). However, it needs a lot of water during the period of March-September. It should be watered and sprayed frequently to increase the humidity.

The fifth is to pour water for a long time. The roots of the spider plant are dehydrated and the lower old leaves turn yellow(plug trays). Water should be poured to keep the soil warm and moist. In short, we should focus on the four major conservation points of hanging orchids, such as shady, often sprayed water, diligent fertilization, and often changing pots(14cm plastic grow pots). It is believed that breeding beautiful hanging orchids is not a problem.

The long-term accumulation of water in the basin soil is not dry, and the roots are difficult to breathe, resulting in yellowing of the leaves(seed starter trays). Loosen and control moisture in time. The potting soil should be kept moist and often used close to room temperature. The water is sprayed with leaves to prevent dry ends, but not water(16cm plastic grow pots). Of course, it is best to keep it in the balcony during the winter. Normally, the normal humidity should be maintained. 

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