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Appropriate sowing, because the garlic roots are weak in the ability to absorb water and fertilizer(gallon plant pot), the top dressing should be applied to the fertilizer, so as to avoid yellowing of the tip of the leaf. Garlic topdressing is generally 3 to 4 times. After sowing for 60 to 80 days, re-apply a manure and manure fertilizer plus fertilizer, 1000-1500 kg per mu of manure, 10 kg of ammonium sulfate(seed starting trays wholesale), 5 kg of potassium sulfate or potassium chloride.

Although the garlic seedlings have a kind of petal nutrition during the growth period(3.54inch plastic plant pots), in order to promote the growth of the seedlings and increase the nutrient area of the plants, the fertilizer should be applied at a proper time. Garlic is a fertilizer-tolerant crop. On the basis of applying the base fertilizer, topdressing is still needed in spring(32 cell seed trays wholesale). The total amount of top dressing in high-yield fields is controlled at 12.5 kg of pure nitrogen and 5 kg of potassium.(buy mini plastic flower pots in bulk online)

After the garlic is smashed, the flower buds and buds gradually differentiate into the flower stem elongation period(cell trays). In this period, the old roots are aging, and new roots occur in large quantities. At the same time, the stems and leaves and garlic stalks also rapidly elongate, and the garlic begins to slowly expand(plastic cell trays supplier). Therefore, it needs more nutrients. It should be reapplied with quick-acting potassium and nitrogen fertilizers (more suitable compound fertilizer) 10-15 kg.

If urea is applied alone, it can be about 5 kg(gallon nursery pots). Early-maturing varieties are chased early, and late-maturing varieties are lately chased to promote the growth of young seedlings, stout and thick leaves, and less yellow or yellow tips when rotten mothers. It is applied about half a month before the end of the tail (the short stalks in the lower part of the pseudo stem can be observed in the peeling seedlings) to meet the needs(flat plastic tray), and the garlic stalks are quickly and vigorously grown.

(buy mini plastic flower pots in bulk online)Garlic is suitable for shallow sowing, early maturing and early-maturing varieties in the whole growth period(black plastic plant pots). Because the temperature of the garlic is not high when the garlic is inflated, the garlic expansion period is correspondingly longer. In order to promote the garlic head hypertrophy, the quick-acting nitrogen and potassium fertilizer must be applied before the garlic is harvested(plastic grow pots). For example, the application of nitrogen and potassium compound fertilizer is 5-10 kg.

After the garlic is out of the seedlings, apply a light manure and urine to raise the seedlings, avoid applying ammonium bicarbonate to prevent burning of the seedlings(propagation tray). Can not be applied too much, otherwise it will cause the formed garlic buds to return to green, and re-long leaves and consume the nutrients of the garlic(greenhouse supplies pots). After harvesting, the garlic is usually collected for about 20 to 25 days, so it is also possible to avoid the swelling of the fat.

According to the characteristics and growth of garlic, the topdressing should be carried out before the harvest of garlic(square nursery pots). When the garlic is harvested, it has rich nutrients to promote the expansion of the garlic. If topdressing is carried out after harvesting garlic, it will easily lead to plant glutton reduction. If the field is fatter and the garlic leaves are thicker, the fertilizer may not be applied(wholesale greenhouse pots). Due to the late twitching, the temperature of the middle and late-maturing varieties is high.(buy mini plastic flower pots in bulk online)

It is necessary to topdress 2-3 times with garlic and garlic moss as the target product(plug trays). Let it grow fully, the first time in the maternal period (4-5 leaves) to N fertilizer, the application of urea 15-20kg, the second time in the bulb expansion period (9-10 leaves) that the garlic moss will be exposed Re-apply once, apply 10-15kg of urea(seed starter trays), 30-40kg of potassium sulfate type compound fertilizer (15:15:15), and apply potassium sulfate type compound fertilizer (15:15:15) for the third time. -20kg/mu.

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