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Buy Shallow Seed Germination Trays Cheap Canada

Crab claw orchid is also a well-known and well-nourished flower(half gallon nursery pots wholesale). Bright flowers blossom on the branches. It means that luck is in the lead and the balcony can't be short of it. Potted crab claw orchid grows several years later, the original flowerpot is small, which limits the growth and development of plant root system(plastic nursery pots). At this time, it is necessary to change pots and soil. Otherwise, don't blame it for growing thinner and thinner leaves, not to mention its blooming.(buy shallow seed germination trays cheap canada)

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When the pot soil is slightly dry, the crab claw orchid lays its pot on the ground obliquely(cheapest 2 gallon pots), pats the pot around with the hand, separates the pot from the soil, then holds the pot in the left hand, and sticks the second finger of the right hand into the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot to top out the soil mass, so as not to break the soil mass, so as to avoid damaging the root system. If the bigger crab claw orchid plants or large and heavy pottery pots(plastic nursery pots wholesale), purple sand pots or Han Baiyu pots are used for pot soil conversion, that can only take another way to change the soil.

That is to change half and leave half. Points for pot change: The plant to be replaced is placed on the operating table(2 gallon plant container wholesale), and the pot soil is prized with a bamboo stick to protect the root system. The next year, the other half of the old soil in the pot was replaced by the same method. This method is not only simple and easy, but also very vigorous plant growth. Many flower pals will raise a crab claw orchid to watch at home(black plastic nursery pots), but many flower pals do not know how to change the pot, what matters should be paid attention to when changing the pot?

(buy shallow seed germination trays cheap canada)When the crab claw orchid wants to change pots(cheap 3 gallon plant pots), it must add sandy loam into the new matrix, and then apply the base fertilizer. The material of the base fertilizer can be organic fertilizer, bone powder or superphosphate, or chicken manure as the base fertilizer. When changing pots, use the tool of loosening soil to dig out the plant from the original pot(plug trays wholesale), pay attention not to damage the root; dig out the crab claw orchid to keep the soil at the root, so that you can move to the new pot.

What's the way? Take out the old soil slowly with your hands and fill it with the culture soil(4 gallon nursery pots wholesale). After changing the pot, pour a little water, and then put it in a place with better light and ventilation. When new leaves grow, water should be added gradually. At the same time, the plants should be moved to light and caution points(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If old branches or diseased shoots are found in pot changing, they must be cut off to avoid affecting the growth of plants.(buy shallow seed germination trays cheap canada)

The following three points should be paid attention to when turning pots and changing soil: no matter big or small seedlings(1 gallon plant pots supplier), the old roots should not be cut off too much when turning pots and changing soil. Even the varieties with strong regeneration and developed roots can only cut off part of the old roots and the old soil can not exceed one third of the whole mud mass. For precious varieties(wholesale nursery pots), we should follow the principle of "less than more", try to cut off as little old roots as possible, and remove less old soil, so as not to affect growth.

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