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Cheap 1 Gallon Nursery Pots Bulk Buy Utah

For experienced basin friends, rotten roots generally do not occur, and even if they encounter rotten roots(15 cell trays bulk), they can usually be remedied in time. But for novice pot friends, it often seems to be helpless. Although crab claw orchid prefers a moist growth environment, some pot friends tend to be too "hardworking", fearing that it will be thirsty(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), so often it is poured into a big irrigation, a heart thought to let it drink enough, drink a foot, drink Full.(cheap 1 gallon nursery pots bulk buy utah)

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But this kind of pest is not easy to spray with drugs(21 cell trays bulk). Then, what about the roots of crab claws? The roots of potted plants and plants are a painful experience experienced by many basin friends. This is mainly caused by problems in the maintenance management process. Because of this, it often leads to the appearance of rotten roots in potted crab claws, which seriously affects the ornamental effect and even causes death(wholesale nursery pots). Soon, the redness of the crab claw orchid leaves will turn better and eventually disappear.

(cheap 1 gallon nursery pots bulk buy utah)If the drainage effect in the basin is not good, the water content in the basin soil tends to be higher after pouring the large water(32 cell trays bulk). Even if the surface soil is dry, the soil in the inner layer is still moist, especially when the soil is corroded. The performance is particularly outstanding(plug trays wholesale). Continued watering in the case where the inner soil is still wet, it is bound to humidify, which affects the respiration of the roots of the crab claw orchid, resulting in anoxic and rotten roots.

Of course, not only watering too much can lead to rotten roots, too much fertilization can easily lead to rotten roots(50 cell trays bulk). Because if the concentration of top dressing is too high, or too much fertilization, the roots of the plants are easily burned, not to mention that the plants of the crab claws are not very fertile, especially concentrated fat and fat(black plastic nursery pots). Even if it is applied to fertilizer, it can not be excessive, otherwise it will produce fertilizer, burn the roots of the plants, and appear rotten roots. How should we remedy these bad roots?

(cheap 1 gallon nursery pots bulk buy utah)In fact, the method is relatively simple, but simple things need us to do it seriously(72 cell trays bulk). In this way, we can minimize our losses. Below, Xiaobian introduces the treatment and rescue methods of crab claws. Usually, the crab claw orchid is bred by cactus or a triangular arrow. If it is, we can take it out of the pot(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The decayed parts of the roots are then cut or cut and cleaned off with a sterilized knife.

After that, most of the leaves on the plants are cut off, and then dried for 1-2 days(98 cell trays bulk). After the wounds on the plants are dried, they are replanted in the pots. However, before replanting the pot, we need to disinfect the wound and the potting soil in advance. Then plant it in a clean new pot of soil and recommend it in a clean river sand. After that, it is necessary to strictly manage the water and fertilizer(plastic nursery pots), otherwise the plants have not yet recovered, but will repeat the same mistakes.

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