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Cheap 1 Gallon Nursery Pots Factory United States

Balcony has different orientation, which will have an impact on the light, temperature, wind power, we should also choose different vegetable planting(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). South facing balcony, sunny and well ventilated, is the most transparent balcony suitable for planting vegetables. It is better to plant vine resistant vegetables at the corner of the balcony, such as kidney beans, high beans, loofah, balsam pear, etc(5 gallon pots). Close Yang He, don't worry about the wind.

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As the balcony of the building is generally higher than the ground, if the balcony is open, the wind speed will be larger(10 gallon grow pots). General vegetables, such as cucumber, balsam pear, tomato, beans, vegetables, zucchini, green pepper, etc., can be planted throughout the year. Lotus swallow, apple, water chestnut and other aquatic vegetables can also be planted in the balcony facing south(25 gallon plastic pots). Vegetable containers can be moved to a shady place or sown and built a shed. 

(cheap 1 gallon nursery pots factory united states)In winter, the balcony facing south can be generally exposed to direct sunlight(3 gallon garden pots), and simple thermal insulation equipment can also make vegetables grow healthily in winter. Balcony temperature is high, light is strong, evaporation is large, the air is relatively dry, so it is suitable for planting early tolerant vegetables(plant germination trays). In the container of some, pay more attention to timely watering, because vegetables can not get water from the ground.

Planting vegetables on the balcony should be scientifically and rationally cultivated and managed(15 gallon tree pots). Pubei is not suitable for shade and light resistant vegetables, such as Yiyi, rape, non vegetable, asparagus, Xiangyi, Jian Gongying, Heman, water spinach, agaric, etc. In summer, we should pay attention to blocking the strong light and radiation reflected from the opposite floor. The shelf should be able to move with the change of light(6 cell plant trays). Only in this way can the expected effect be achieved.(cheap 1 gallon nursery pots factory united states)

The balcony facing east and West is suitable for planting light vegetables(20 gallon pots for plants). However, the sun will be strong on the balcony in summer afternoon, and some vegetables will be damaged or even died. Because of the evaporation of vegetable leaves and the evaporation of soil filling water in the container, closing the window and the door connecting the balcony and the bedroom can effectively improve the air humidity of the balcony(seed starting tray wholesale). Generally, summer is a high temperature season. 

(cheap 1 gallon nursery pots factory united states)Therefore, according to the size and height of the balcony, we can design a line culture frame that can be up and down and move back and forth(injection molded nursery pots). Generally, 3-6 floors can be used. On the shelf, you can put the cultivation trough, or directly put the ordinary flowerpot. Light loving spinach was placed in the upper layer, and shade tolerant vegetables were placed in the lower layer(plastic flower pots manufacturers). Planting vegetables on the balcony is to put some vegetables in containers.

Due to the influence of houses and human activities, the environmental conditions of courtyard are different from that of large-scale cultivated land in some places(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). As long as the reasonable arrangement, the small balcony can also plant many kinds of vegetables(plant cell trays). For some residents with open space in front of and behind the house, it is a very good choice to open the space into a small garden, which can beautify the environment and eat fresh vegetables at any time.

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