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When cutting a cactus, choose a sharp knife(20 cell trays bulk). If you want to control its height, cut off the small stems and leaves at the top. The weak stems and leaves on the plants should also be cut off, and there are 2 buds on the stems. The extra ones should be cut off. Generally, domestically grown cacti can not grow too high(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), so it is necessary to cut off the small cactus growing at the top of the plant, which can reduce the growth height.

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During maintenance, it is very likely that due to conservation reasons(200 cell seedling trays wholesale), weak stems and leaves will appear on the plants, and if necessary, trimmed, so as to avoid the consumption of nutrients. In addition, there are extra sprouts on the robust stem section that need to be properly trimmed. Just keep 2 sticks. After it has finished flowering, the flowers will become very wilting and should be cut off at the first time(plug trays wholesale). If it is properly added with some water, it may bloom again.(cheap 1 gallon plastic containers wholesale suppliers canada)

When pruning, try to choose a professional tool, because its stems and leaves are very fat(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). If the scissors cloth is sharp, repeated wear and tear may cause more damage to the plants. The bamboo can be used as sandy loam, and the sand with the humus is the best. The soil to be used must first ensure drainage, and the soil has particles, which can increase the drainage effect and cannot be cured in the sticky soil(black plastic nursery pots). Otherwise, the water accumulation leads to rotten roots, and perlite and small stones can be added.

(cheap 1 gallon plastic containers wholesale suppliers canada)It also has nutrients, which are rich in humus(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). With a little rotten leaves or mixed humus, it can supplement the growth of plants, otherwise there will be no nutrient supply for subsequent growth. The preparation of the flower soil is very important for its growth, and it is a big step for the soil to feed. It can be mixed with garden soil(plastic nursery pots wholesale), humus soil, river sand and small stone in a ratio of 2:1:1:1, and a small amount of organic fertilizer is added as the base fertilizer.

If you want to change the shape, you can trim the unnecessary stems and leaves according to the shape you want(50 cell seed starter trays). The permeability should also be guaranteed, and the river sand should be added to make the whole substrate breathable. It can also be prepared with pine needle soil, garden soil, perlite, vermiculite, and the effect is also very good. Different soils suitable for different areas can be adjusted according to specific conditions(plastic nursery pots). In the south, because of the high humidity, the proportion of sandy soil can be increased, and the proportion of humus soil can be increased in the northern area.

(cheap 1 gallon plastic containers wholesale suppliers canada)When the crab claw orchid lacks the nutrient of phosphorus, the original is prone to redness of the leaves. In this case, we need to supplement some phosphate fertilizer. However, it should not be excessive, and it is advisable to apply thin phosphate fertilizer, otherwise it may cause other growth problems. In the process of planting, the potted crab claw orchid may be affected by various factors and the soil quality changes(wholesale nursery pots). If the alkaline soil becomes too heavy, it may cause redness in the leaves of the plant.

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