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Pitcher is also known as piglet cage and caterpillar fungus(flat plastic tray). Sex like warm, humid, well ventilated semi Yin environment. Not cold resistant, afraid of dry and strong direct light. The suitable temperature for growth is 20-30 ℃, and the indoor temperature in winter should not be lower than 16 ℃(3 gallon nursery pots). It is suitable for the loose, fertile and well drained micro acid soil. Pitcher plants are mostly hybrids sold in the flower market.

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Some species have lost their insectivorous function(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). At the same time, the method of dividing plant was used. Cultivation tips: in general, you can choose the strong young plants of pitcher in the flower market. It's better to choose the plants that have already grown cages, or the seedlings that are propagated and survived by the split plant method(plastic nursery plant pots). The pot soil is made up of peat soil, peat, fresh peat and bark chips. The decomposed nutrition is absorbed by pitcher.

(cheap 1 gallon plastic plant container suppliers)Pour water into the basin and place it in the shade, and place it in the ventilated half shade after 20 days(large plastic terracotta pots). During the growing period, watering is required to keep the basin soil moist. Watering should be done in the leaf cage, otherwise the leaf cage is easy to scorch(2 gallon nursery pots). Watering in summer, besides watering, spray water to the leaves and sprinkler water around the plants, so as to increase the humidity of the air and place the ventilation well in half shade.

Water sparingly in winter, at room temperature above 16 ℃, in sunny place(wholesale greenhouse pots). Nitrogen fertilizer should be supplemented once or twice a month. Some compound fertilizer or mature organic fertilizer were applied to promote the formation of leaf cage. Once every two years, the basin needs to be changed to remove the old roots and add new basin soil. Pitcher plant is one of the famous insectivorous plants(plant growing pots). In this way, pitcher grass catches insects, mainly to meet the needs of nitrogen nutrition.(cheap 1 gallon plastic plant container suppliers)

Its cage like and patterned abnormal leaves are smooth in the upper part of the inner wall of the bottle like body(seed starter trays). The glands on the wall can secrete digestive fluid and send out special smell to lure insects into it. At last, they will be soaked by digestive fluid and then digested and absorbed(cheap nursery pots). According to the relevant data: then, when the prevention and control of crop diseases and insect pests, in addition to the four seasons of Ping'an tree, the effect of greening and beautification is good, and the ornamental value is high.

(cheap 1 gallon plastic plant container suppliers)This paper introduces that pitcher is a famous insectivorous plant(square grow pots). Its insect catching organ is leaf insect catcher, which is formed by leaf metamorphosis. The leaves of pitcher's pitcher are composed of five parts: the petiole is kept at the base, and then the broad leaves. In the middle part of the leaves, there are only long and thin petioles with climbing ability(half gallon container). The petioles are formed by midvein. The other end of the petioles is hung with bottle shaped insect catching bags.

During the growth period(seed starting trays). The opening of active insect catching bags is upward, and the bag opening has a half open cover. So some of them have the temptation of fragrance, mistaking flowers for honey. The inner wall of the bag is very smooth. The mouth of the bag shrinks into a smooth toothed ring or a smooth barb. It is difficult for insects to escape(cheap plastic flower pots). The inner wall of the bag can secrete weak acid digestive fluid, which contains enzymes that can decompose insects.(cheap 1 gallon plastic plant container suppliers)

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