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Some flower growers put forward the following test(seed propagation trays). Use 1g washing powder, 5 ~ 10 cigarette ends, soak in boiling water for half a day, add cold water to 500ml (about 0.5kg), spray or wipe the leaves with hairy pair, once every 5 days. Physiological disorders are mainly caused by the external environment(plastic garden pots wholesale). The causes of plant disease include the following aspects.

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Mash walnut leaves, oleander leaves, Artemisia annua, onion or garlic, one or more mixture, spray with 10 times water or wipe with a brush, once every 3-4 days(1020 seed trays). This is due to high temperature and poor ventilation. Once the plant is infected by the disease, the branches and leaves will turn yellow, the leaf surface will fluctuate and become scorched, and even brown spots(72 cell trays), or powdery mildew will rot and fall off.

(cheap 1 gallon plastic pots suppliers ireland)Small potted flowers can be taken out in 1 hour, and large potted flowers can be taken out in 3 hours(5 gallon plant pots). If you put a piece of white paper under the potted flower, you can also see a piece of red dead insects. Normal flower plants in spring, summer and autumn continue to grow leaves, long branches and flowers(heavy duty seed trays), and the branches on the leaves are green and bright, and the flowers are gorgeous.

Such as the sun caused withered shoots and leaves. Drought and water loss cause wilting and rolling leaves(plastic potting pots). Waterlogging and rotten roots cause yellow leaf abscission. The cylinder port is covered with plastic film, tied tightly with rope, and then a small hole is opened in the plastic film(3.94inch plastic plant pots). Virus infection is caused by virus infection, such as leaf blight, ring spot, leaf yellowing, deformity, clump, etc.(cheap 1 gallon plastic pots suppliers ireland)

Too much nitrogen fertilizer causes weak and long branches and leaves(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). Soil pH is not suitable to cause yellow leaves. If the soil used for planting flowers is heated for about 10 minutes, underground pests and pathogens such as ground tiger, wax, Zoysia station and nematode can be eliminated(4 inch square greenhouse pots). Common are powdery mildew, tobacco mildew, black spot, gray mold, brown spot, anthracnose and so on.

(cheap 1 gallon plastic pots suppliers ireland)Therefore, in the spring, you can use hand brush dip in water to get rid of aphids, and water can be used to flush away aphids(plastic plant trays wholesale). The pathogen infection is caused by the fungus or bacteria parasitizing on the plant, and the symptoms of white powder, rust powder, coal stain or brown spot appear on the branches and leaves(plastic plant pots), and finally the branches and leaves change color, rot and collapse or wither.

All diseases caused by physiological disorders can be prevented and reduced as long as cultivation and management are done well(cheap 2 gallon plant pots). For example, do a good job in summer sunstroke protection, winter cold protection, water properly, and pay attention to waterlogging prevention, acid plants are cultivated in acid soil, photophilous plants are placed in sunny places(72 cell trays bulk). Lack of nutrition causes yellow leaves.(cheap 1 gallon plastic pots suppliers ireland)

Diseases caused by pathogens are usually caused by poor ventilation, insufficient light, excessive watering, or rainy and humid environment(15 gallon pot). If we take measures to improve the environment, cut off the infected branches and leaves to prevent further spread, and reasonably apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to improve the resistance of plants(128 cell plug tray), the occurrence of disease can be reduced.

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