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Land preparation: before planting, it is necessary to stop deep cultivation of the lawn, and remove the grass roots, stumps, construction waste and other debris(small plastic plant pots). Sowing: one seed can be sown in each hole, with a depth of 1-1.5cm and a soil covering of about 1cm(plastic nursery pots). Then, stop watering, ensure that the soil surface is wet, or mix the seeds with dry soil and then sprinkle them into the soil.

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Late management: weed removal in real time, and one mowing must be stopped to promote the healthy development of lucky grass(72 cell propagation tray). Stop backfilling with garden soil. The seeds of lucky grass can be sown in late March of spring, or in mid September of autumn. In the south, autumn sowing is the main way, while in the north, spring sowing is the main way. In summer, sowing can be stopped(plastic nursery pots wholesale). After sowing, it is necessary to ensure that the surface soil is wet, and cover can be used to stop shading.

(cheap 1 gallon plastic pots wholesale suppliers)There are about 1400-2000 seeds per gram of lucky grass, and one seed per hole can be sown to reach the plateau Effect(growers pots). After the seeds are sown into the bed, they can be raked into the soil with lawn rake, and then covered with 1cm topsoil. The development of lucky grass is relatively slow in the seedling stage(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The management before the lawn is built is very important. In addition, they are resistant to diseases, pests and diseases Strong ability to resist harmful gas pollution.

After the seeds are sprinkled into the lawn bed, if there is a pre installed sprinkler system, the sprinkler can be stopped in real time(plant starter trays). If there is no sprinkler system installed, the self-made sprinkler can be used to stop the sprinkler. After emergence, the number of spraying water can be properly reduced, but it is still necessary to carefully control(black plastic nursery pots). The seedling management is about 30-50 days, during which it is also necessary to remove weeds in real time to avoid weeds competing for seedling nutrition.

(cheap 1 gallon plastic pots wholesale suppliers)After the establishment of lucky grass lawn, it has a strong invasiveness(black nursery pots). During the period, it is not necessary to stop weeding, while the nitrogen fixing rhizobia can absorb the nitrogen in the air and transform it into a form that can be used by flowers. Therefore, it can apply more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, but less nitrogen fertilizer(1020 seed starting trays). It is beneficial for the plant to keep green. Before overwintering, it is necessary to mow once more and water enough for overwintering.

The suitable sowing depth of lucky grass is 1-1.5cm(5 gallon nursery pots). Only when the plant turns green in the second year, the withered and yellow branches and leaves will not appear on the flat surface. Lucky grass has low requirements for soil, and can adapt to various types of soil. It is more conducive to its development in acid soil. It likes sunny, warm and good drainage conditions(square nursery pots). In dry climate, the development is relatively slow, and there are a few signs of dying in high temperature season.

After pruning and waiting for about 10 days, new leaflets will grow(seed plug trays). After high-intensity trampling or rolling, they will recover after waiting for 3-5 days. They also have strong cold resistance. When the temperature drops to 0 ℃ in winter, a small number of old leaves will turn yellow(seed starter trays). The leaflets on the main root will cling to the ground, but they will stick to green. In the case of strong shade, they will tend to grow in vain, causing poor development.(cheap 1 gallon plastic pots wholesale suppliers)

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