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Even when the seedlings are only slightly damaged by freezing, the external morphology changes little(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), but the physiological function has declined significantly, seriously affecting the growth of seedlings, flower bud differentiation and development, and easily causing flower and fruit abscission or deformity(seed starter trays). The cause of freezing injury of cucumber seedling depends on the degree of low temperature and the strength of cold resistance.

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If the temperature is too low, freezing injury will be caused(plug trays wholesale). When the temperature of the surrounding environment of the seedling plant is reduced to the solution in the cell gap of the cucumber seedling to form ice crystals, the water in the cell will be reduced, the water in the cell will be seized, the water in the cell fluid will flow out(nursery plant pots), and the cell gap will freeze at the same time. In rainy days, the sun is weak and the nutrients such as starch and sugar are less.(cheap 1 gallon plastic tree pots manufacturer)

If the situation is serious, the protoplasm will lose its vitality, and freeze damage will occur, causing partial or overall drying or death(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). The temperature at which the seedlings are too long and the solution with weak frost resistance begins to freeze is called freezing point. The freezing point of water is 0 ° C(greenhouse supplies pots). The more sugar the seedlings contain, the higher the concentration of cell solution and the lower the freezing point, the less likely they are to freeze.

Freezing injury is often the main reason for seedling failure(propagation tray). As the volume of ice is larger than that of water, with the increase of ice body in the intercellular wall, the cells are squeezed to suffer mechanical damage and damage the protoplasm in the cells. With the increase of the concentration of the solution, the freezing point decreases(plastic grow pots). When the temperature is slowly reduced, the starch in the seedlings changes into sugar under the action of enzymes.(cheap 1 gallon plastic tree pots manufacturer)

After freezing the intercellular space of seedlings at low temperature, the thawing is also slow(black plastic plant pots), which can make the protoplasm in the cells gradually absorb the thawed water from the intercellular space and restore life activities. When the temperature drops beyond the tolerance limit of the seedlings, the temperature suddenly drops, and freezing injury is most likely to occur(20 cell seed starting trays). As sugar dissolved in water can increase the concentration of cell fluid, the cold resistance of seedlings gradually increased.

If the temperature suddenly rises and thaws suddenly, the relative humidity in the facility suddenly decreases(plastic nursery pots wholesale), the transpiration of leaf water is very large, the ice between cells quickly melts into water and dissipates, causing the plant stems and leaves to wilt in a short time, then bend down, and finally dry up(40 cell seed starting trays). If the climate changes suddenly, because the starch in the seedlings can not be converted into sugar in time, the seedlings are vulnerable to freezing damage.

Although its roots are not able to absorb water from the soil well(square nursery pots), it causes the seedlings to dry up rapidly. "Wet cold" is more likely to cause seedlings freeze damage than "dry cold", which refers to rainy and low temperature climate, "dry cold" refers to sunny and low temperature climate(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Therefore, in the "wet and cold" situation, the concentration of cell fluid in the seedling body is low and it is easy to be damaged by freezing.(cheap 1 gallon plastic tree pots manufacturer)

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