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Generally, sugar cane will also enter the jointing elongation period(plant germination trays). Therefore, from the beginning of May to June, it is generally a critical period for sugarcane topdressing, and most of the topdressing should be applied during this period. The technical measures are as follows: the general output of the mountain is between 3-4 tons(gallon planting pots), the application amount is pure n5.5-6 kg (equivalent to urea 10-13 kg), pure k5-6 kg (equivalent to 8-10 kg of potassium chloride).(cheap 1 gallon smart grow pots wholesale)

In recent years(shallow germination trays), with the continuous updating of soybean varieties, due to the lack of understanding of soybean fertilization technology and fertilization amount due to the dependence on new varieties in production, the soybean yield cannot be further improved. In order to clarify the effect of fertilization on soybean yield, experiments on different types and quantities of fertilization can provide a scientific basis for production(3 gal plant containers). At this time, vegetative growth and reproductive growth are mutually Competing for nutrients.

In the early stage of soybean nutrient distribution, roots, growth points and nodules, that is, some aboveground plants(plastic flower pots manufacturers), especially the photosynthetic products accumulated in the leaves are mainly used for roots, growth points, and growth, except for part of the nutrients transported to roots, stems, and leaves(black plastic plant containers). Most of the nutrients are transported to flowers and vegetables, and during the late growth period, the nutrients are transported to the pods.

(cheap 1 gallon smart grow pots wholesale)During this period, lack of fertilizer will affect the growth of sugarcane, which has the greatest impact on yield(germination flats). At the same time, it is also affected by human factors such as fertilization amount, fertilization period and fertilization method. Before the sowing, the bottom of the foot is watered, finely 2-3 times, and the depth reaches 20 cm or more(15 inch plant pots). The protein and fat in soybeans are 3 to 4 times and 4 to 8 times higher than those in cereal crops, respectively. 

Studies have shown that the formation of these substances requires a large amount of nitrogen(plug tray nursery), phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients. The same amount of soybean seeds are produced 4 to 5 times more than the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium required for cereal crops. Soybean itself contains more nitrogen and nitrogen fixation, so the demand for nitrogen in soybeans has obvious characteristics compared with grass crops(plant growing trays). Soybean has a long-term vegetative growth and reproductive growth stage.

Due to this characteristic of soybean nitrogen supply, it is determined that the soybean should have different fertilization methods than other crops(plastic seedling trays). A large amount of nitrogen fertilizer is applied, and soybean yield increase is not significant, and sometimes even fertilization does not increase production(nursery tree pots). The accumulation and distribution of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in soybeans are significantly different from those in cereal crops.(cheap 1 gallon smart grow pots wholesale)

Since there are two sources of nitrogen in soybeans(nursery plant trays), the nitrogen and roots fixed by rhizobium are absorbed from the soil. From the regulation of these nutrient distributions of soybeans, soybeans should have the following nutritional properties: soybeans are rich in protein and fat. Appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer promotes soybean growth and enhances photosynthesis(plastic greenhouse trays). Different fertilization types and fertilization levels have different effects on soybean yield and quality.

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