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Many people like to use cuttings to breed young plants of longevity flowers(plastic nursery pots). However, longevity flowers are essentially a succulent plant, and succulents can generally be propagated by adopting leaf insertion. This is basically the commonality of succulents. . However, how long does the longevity mosaic have sprouted? In fact, there are many factors affecting the germination of the longevity flower, which not only imposes strict requirements on the insertion or culture soil(flat plastic tray), but also is crucial in selecting the leaves for leaf insertion.

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(cheap 10 gal plant pots wholesale supplier)Even if the substrate and the leaves meet the conditions of germination, sometimes it may not be able to sprout smoothly(plastic nursery pots wholesale), because the leaf insertion process and the maintenance management method after completion are also very important. The later maintenance management must be scientific and reasonable, and it is suitable for the leaf inserted longevity flower. Growing up(plastic grow pots). However, the natural germination process of the longevity flower is a long process, usually takes 5-6 months, which is basically half a year of gestation.

However, sometimes in order to shorten the time of germination(black plastic nursery pots), we usually need to add some rooting powder or rooting agent to the base of the blade before the leaf insertion, which greatly shortens the time of germination. It usually takes only one month left to see the sprout. If you want to let the leaves grow longevity flowers smoothly, the original usually needs to do the following aspects: in the leaf insert matrix(greenhouse supplies pots), to ensure that the nutrient soil is soft enough, that is, loose and breathable, not only to facilitate drainage, but also help to retain water.

(cheap 10 gal plant pots wholesale supplier)Leaf growth conditions for leaf insertion play a crucial role in the success of leaf insertion(plug trays wholesale). It is recommended to select robust leaves for growth on the adult plants. The timing of leaf insertion should be correct, not all seasons are suitable for leaf insertion. The temperature of the leaf insert should also be suitable. It usually needs to be kept between 20 °C and 25 °C. Because such a temperature environment can avoid the freezing damage of the leaves due to low temperature(square nursery pots), which affects the normal germination of the leaves, which provides an important factor for improving the survival rate. Guarantee.

Rooting powder or rooting agent also plays an important role in the process of leaf insertion of longevity flowers(wholesale nursery pots), which will greatly shorten the time of leaf germination. Direct sunlight is not acceptable during leaf insertion, otherwise it will affect survival. After completing the leaf insert, it is recommended to place it in a cool, ventilated place. In terms of water management, it is necessary to keep the soil in a wet state at the same time, and at the same time(wholesale greenhouse pots), it is also possible to spray water to the surface of the leaves to moisturize, thereby increasing the survival rate of the leaves.(cheap 10 gal plant pots wholesale supplier)

The above points are the technical points and precautions for successful leaf insertion of longevity flower(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). As long as these conditions can be satisfied, the longevity flower of the leaf insert can usually sprout after one month. As mentioned in the previous editorial, the longevity flower plants in normal watering management will store a large amount of water in the body, and are also drought-tolerant, but not wet(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). If the water is poured immediately after the potting, improper operation may affect the survival after the transplant.

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