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The cactus plants are uniquely decorated with beautiful leaves, different flower shapes(plastic nursery pots wholesale), beautiful landscapes, and at the same time improving the indoor air condition. The plant is a type of acid metabolism of sedum plants. During the day, in order to prevent evaporation of water, the pores are closed, the stomata are open at night, CO2 is absorbed, and O2 is released, especially in the evening to avoid the phenomenon that people and plants compete for O2(50 cell seed trays wholesale). Therefore, cactaceae plants have their own unique uses in the bedroom.

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(cheap 10 gallon nursery container wholesale supplier)The cultivation and maintenance of cactaceae plants should pay attention to the following points: the choice of flower pots(plastic nursery pots), tile pots: This kind of flower pots have good permeability and permeability, which is very suitable for the growth of cactus roots, and the price is cheap. The defect is that the production is rough, and it is not suitable to be placed directly in the eye-catching position such as the hall and the living room(50 cell plant trays bulk). Pottery basin: This kind of flower pot is exquisite and elegant, with various styles and colors, good ventilation and moderate price. It is the ideal basin for family potted cactus.

Porcelain pots: These pots are various in shape(black plastic nursery pots), with colored glaze on the outer wall, bright and clean, exquisite workmanship and high ornamental value. The shortcomings are poor gas permeability and high price, which are suitable for placement in institutions, conference halls and hotel lobbies. If the cactus is planted in a mud pot and then placed in a porcelain pot, it will not only help the cactus to grow(200 cell plant trays bulk), but also achieve the ideal placement effect. Plastic basin: It is a widely used basin.

(cheap 10 gallon nursery container wholesale supplier)It is characterized by light weight, easy handling and low price(plug trays wholesale). The defect is that it is not ventilated and impervious, the pelt is easy to age, and the service life is short, which has a certain influence on the root development of the cactus. 3 parts of clay, 5 parts of river sand, 2 parts of humus, and can also be used for furnace ash, coal ball ash, etc., and the effect is also very good. In the summer, the prepared potting soil is thinly spread on the concrete floor(32 cell plant trays bulk), and the sun is directly exposed for 3-4 days, which can achieve the purpose of sterilization and insecticide.

We must do a reasonable fertilization, and we must grasp the three principles of timely(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), appropriate, and appropriate. Common cold insulation measures are as follows: In warmer areas, the room temperature is kept above 10 degrees in winter. Just move the potted cactus indoors and put it on the window sill that can see the sun for safe wintering. In addition, it is best to keep the temperature close to the indoor temperature when watering(200 cell plug trays supplier), and the potted edible cactus in the cold northern areas needs more attention.

(cheap 10 gallon nursery container wholesale supplier)The petiole is green, the waist is waist(wholesale nursery pots), the plant type is beautiful, the flavor is fresh and the commodity is good. Edible cactus is a tropical plant that is less resistant to low temperatures. In colder areas, such as indoor heating, the wintering requirements of potted edible cactus are generally met. Through the above cactus flower conservation methods, cactus cultivation, cactus planting, how to raise cactus(162 cell plug trays supplier), how to raise succulents, can be good for the summer and winter, the beautiful and moving.

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