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In the early stage of the disease(5 inch plastic pots), spraying 25% Triadimefon wettable powder 1500 ~ 2000 times, or dirust sodium 250 ~ 300 times solution and other drugs had good control effect. At the initial stage, the diseased part appears light brown water stained spots, and then gradually spreads to the stem and petiole, and the diseased tissue rots(plastic flower pots canada). When wet, the diseased part produces white cotton like hyphae.

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The disease mainly damages chrysanthemum, peony, peony, elm, Lagerstroemia indica(1.5 gallon pot), Rhododendron, camellia, Begonia, Euphorbia pulcherrima, gerbera, geranium, Shu bud, tulip, Millennium wood, etc. The pathogens of brown spot were conidia and Cercospora. Sclerotinia sclerotiorum is one of the most common fungal diseases(hydroponic plant trays). The disease resistant varieties were selected to improve the disease resistance of plants.(cheap 10 gallon nursery pots suppliers california)

Improve environmental conditions and control the occurrence of diseases(viagrow plastic nursery pots). Greenhouse cultivation should pay attention to ventilation and light transmission, reduce air humidity. To increase the application of phosphorus, potassium and calcium fertilizers, nitrogen fertilizer should be appropriate(3 gallon tree pots). The pathogen usually invades from the base of the stem. Most of the crops are rotated to avoid continuous cropping.

(cheap 10 gallon nursery pots suppliers california)The host range of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum is very wide, which can damage nearly 100 species of plants(plastic flower pot price). The common harmful flowers are peony, peony, geranium, chrysanthemum, Cyanidium, violet, Cinnamomum cassia, goldfish grass, delphinium, dahlia, dujinxiang, fragrant pea, hyacinth, etc(20 inch plastic plant pots). In the spring of the following year, the sclerotia germinated and formed the ascospore disk and ascospore.

At the beginning of winter, if the soil is deep ploughed, the sclerotia will be treated deeply, and the vitality will be lost(9 inch plastic plant pots). Chemical control. At the beginning of the disease, 50% tobuzin WP (500 ~ 800 times), 50% carbendazim (600 times) or 50% nitramine (800 times) were sprayed for prevention and treatment, once every 10 ~ 15 days for 2 ~ 3 times(bulk pots for succulents). The disease is caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum.(cheap 10 gallon nursery pots suppliers california)

When the ascospores mature, they spread with wind and rain and invade the infected host(2 gallon fabric pots). The suitable conditions for the disease are temperature 20 ℃ and relative humidity above 85%. In the late stage of the disease, hyphae gathered together in the skin to form black mouse dung like sclerotia(9 cm square plastic plant pots). Planting should not be too dense to facilitate ventilation, light transmission and reduce humidity.

(cheap 10 gallon nursery pots suppliers california)In general, the disease is serious in rainy season and even in continuous cropping land(4.5 inch pot). The control measures are as follows: eliminate the diseased plants. The diseased plants were removed and destroyed, and the soil culture around the diseased plants was disinfected(15 gallon garden pot). Soot disease is also known as coal pollution and black mold. The pathogen of this disease is a variety of epiphytic and parasitic bacteria.

Black mould layer on the surface of the affected parts is a typical symptom of soot(plastic garden pots). The black mould layer on the leaf surface hinders photosynthesis and weakens the growth potential. In serious cases, it will cause the branches, leaves and fruits to wither and die(2x2 grow tray). The pathogen overwinters in the diseased leaves and branches by mycelium, conidia and ascospores, and becomes the primary source of infection in the next year.(cheap 10 gallon nursery pots suppliers california)

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