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Longevity flower is a multi-slurry type of plant with thick leaves and a large amount of water stored in the body(1 gallon pot). Therefore, it has a relatively strong drought tolerance and is relatively afraid of waterlogging. During the growing period, it is only necessary to keep the potting soil slightly moist. In winter, the watering should be strictly controlled, and the watering should be increased at high temperatures, usually in the evening(plastic plant pots wholesale). This is the normal situation of water management, so after the longevity flower is watered?

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(cheap 10 gallon nursery pots wholesale suppliers ireland)In order to keep the potted longevity flower in good growth for a long time(half gallon pots), it is usually necessary to carry out a potting after each spring flower. Many potted plants need to be irrigated immediately after transplanting to set the roots. So is the longevity flower? Can it be watered immediately after the transplanting? Actually, the longevity flower is combined with other common flower plants(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Not the same, mainly because it is a succulent plant.

The succulent plants should not be watered immediately after changing the pots(5 gallon pot). They can maintain their growth for a long time by their own stored water. The same is true for longevity flowers. It is usually not suitable for watering for half a month after the transplant, otherwise it will affect the smooth recovery process after the transplant. The watering after the longevity flower is usually carried out after waiting for more than half a month and the plant is alive(nursery trays wholesale). After one month, some phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can be appropriately added to increase the concentration of nitrogen fertilizer. Otherwise, it will be controlled. Caused a long phenomenon.

(cheap 10 gallon nursery pots wholesale suppliers ireland)Usually, longevity flowers can sustain life by consuming the water they store after transplanting(2 gallon plant pots). However, in order to avoid serious water shortage, Xiao Bian recommended a safe method of transplanting. We can refer to the rinding and watering methods of succulents. Usually when you are giving a longevity flower, you can choose wet soil, or soak the soil before using the soil, as long as it is not too wet(black plastic nursery pots). Then transplant the longevity flower plants into the moist soil.

In this way, the longevity flower can absorb the water in the potting soil during the process of restoring growth(15 gallon pot) . Even if the water in the potting soil is exhausted, it can consume the water stored by itself, thus ensuring that it can survive well. The longevity flower itself is taboo and moist. If the water is poured immediately after the potting, it will inevitably cause the soil in the basin to be too moist(7 gallon pot). Especially in the case of poor soil permeability, it is more likely to cause growth problems and affect the survival of the plant.(cheap 10 gallon nursery pots wholesale suppliers ireland)

At the same time, it can make plants grow beautiful and leafy(3 gallon pots). This will ensure that there is sufficient nutrients in the late flowering as a support without affecting the quality of the flowering. However, in summer, because the temperature is too high, in order to avoid causing fat damage, it is generally necessary to stop fertilizing. Therefore, we adopt the same method for other potted plants to fertilize longevity flowers, otherwise it will affect the growth and flowering of the plants(plastic nursery pots), thus reducing the ornamental value of potted plants.

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