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Summer night, starry sky, Epiphyllum quietly open(wholesale plant pots), and slowly withered. People often say: flash in the pan, that is to say, it blossoms the shortest time, but in this moment, it is still full of fragrance. People often use ephemeral to describe those rare and fleeting phenomena or things. It is precisely because of this allusion that people have a deep interest in Epiphyllum(5 gallon plant pots). Epiphyllum in Chinese ancient books has many homonyms and foreign objects.(cheap 10 gallon planting pots wholesale suppliers canada)

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This kind of plant is very peculiar in shape. It has no leaves. The "leaf" people see is actually its leaf-like metamorphic stem(20 gallon nursery pots). Its flowers are very large. Generally, wolves open at 9 o'clock in the evening and wither in about four or five hours. It can be said that it is a flash in the pan. There are about twenty kinds of plants of the same kind as Epiphyllum, but in the long-term horticultural practice(2 gallon plant pots), people have bred three thousand Xin varieties from light yellow to rose-red and orange through crossbreeding.

(cheap 10 gallon planting pots wholesale suppliers canada)At present, it is a kind of white flower cultivar cultivated in our country(seed propagation trays). A potted Epiphyllum can blossom more than twenty or thirty flowers at the same time in summer. When it blossoms, its fragrance is overflowing, brilliant and spectacular. Epiphyllum is also easy to cultivate, so it is a popular potted flower species. Epiphyllum prefers to be warm and wet(1.5 gallon nursery pots). It can be planted in courtyards in some areas of South China and Southwest China, but only in potted plants in other areas.

But now it is generally acknowledged that Epiphyllum is an epiphytic type of cactus originating in tropical forests of Mexico and the Americas(black plastic nursery pots). The introduction of Epiphyllum in the true sense is not long in China, but in recent decades, it is afraid of direct sunlight in summer, so it can be placed indoors with good ventilation(1 gallon plant pots). Benefits or shade. Keji dormancy can be placed in the room, Vienna to maintain a temperature of about 10 degrees Celsius, water control, keep the pot soil is not too dry.

If placed in a greenhouse, the sun can not be directly irradiated, so as not to shrink the cuttings, affecting the germination of roots(7 gallon nursery pots). Greenhouse conditions can be carried out all year round. If the main stem is used for cutting, flowers can be seen in that year. After cutting, water must be watered. After watering, the skewed branches should be straightened up. If the temperature is high, the cuttings will wilt(15 gallon nursery pots). Sprinkle the water with a fine sprayer. The soil is slightly damp. Cutting seedlings grow roots in about 20-30 days.

(cheap 10 gallon planting pots wholesale suppliers canada)Cutting angle, in order to early start the pole, improve the probability, cutting can be "shallow" and "oblique"(plastic nursery pots). As far as possible, don't go too deep. So it can inhale carbon dioxide at night, release oxygen; Epiphyllum can also increase the indoor negative ion content, although it blossoms very short, but when it blossoms, beautiful and noble, fragrant, its odor has the ability of sterilization and bacteriostasis(3 gallon plant pots), so that the home environment is full of healthy atmosphere.

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