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Cheap 10 Gallon Pot For Plants Wholesale Ireland

Choose varieties that are suitable for local production and consumption characteristics and mouthwash requirements(wholesale greenhouse pots), disease resistance, stress tolerance, high yield, storage and transportation, and good commercial properties. Mix the seeds to be tested evenly, randomly take 100 seeds, sown in the center of the hole of the tray filled with the seedling substrate, sow 1 cm deep, spray with water, until the drainage hole of the tray has water seepage(square nursery pots), seedling number When one true leaf is unfolded, the number of seedlings is recorded, and the emergence rate is calculated. L = S / 100 × 100%.

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(cheap 10 gallon pot for plants wholesale ireland)In the formula: L, emergence rate; S, number of emergence(wholesale nursery pots). The test was carried out using the same substrate as the seedling substrate used in the production. Each batch of seeds was set to 3 replicates, and the average of 3 replicate emergence rates represented the seed emergence rate. If the difference between the three replicates is greater than 5%, the trial of this seedling rate is invalid and should be retested(greenhouse pots). The seed 1000-grain weight was determined according to gram B/T 3543.7-1995, and the finished seedling rate was determined according to formula, and the seed amount was calculated according to formula.

c=C/Z×100% In the formula: c, the rate of finished seedlings(1 gallon nursery pots); C, the number of seedlings in the trays that meet the quality requirements of the finished seedlings; Z, the total number of seedlings in the trays. Ι=X/(L×c)×Q In the formula: Ι, use seed quantity; L, emergence rate; c, finished seedling rate; X, number of finished seedlings; Q, seed 1000-grain weight. High temperature hot water disinfection: Soak the tray with 80 °C hot water for 20 minutes, take it out, and dry it for later use(plastic plant trays). 4 Potassium permanganate disinfection: soak the plug in a 1000 times solution of potassium permanganate for 10 minutes, remove it, rinse with water, and dry it for later use.

(cheap 10 gallon pot for plants wholesale ireland)It also has certain environmental control capabilities(seed starting trays), which can regulate temperature, humidity, light, insect control, and rain protection. The seedling substrate should be in accordance with NY/T 2118. The quality of the seeds should meet the above requirements of the above-mentioned hybrids of the B 16715.3 hybrids and the conventional species. Water soluble fertilizers should be in accordance with NY 1107. Spray method. Disinfect the facility with a broad-spectrum fungicide(plastic grow pots), such as 75% chlorothalonil WP 500 times solution and 50% carbendazim WP 500 times solution.

For tomato seedlings, PS blow molding trays of 50, 72, and 105 holes should be selected(5 gallon plant pot). The disc is 540 cm long, 280 cm wide and ≥5 cm deep. Plug disinfection can be selected as one of the following disinfection methods. Formalin soaking: Soak the trays in formalin 100 times solution for 10 minutes, remove them, stack them, cover them with clean plastic film for 7 days, rinse with water, and dry for use(nursery grow bags). Soaking with sodium hypochlorite: Soak the plug in 2% sodium hypochlorite aqueous solution for 2 hours, take it out, rinse with water, and dry it for later use.

(cheap 10 gallon pot for plants wholesale ireland)Using a puncher corresponding to the specification of the plug tray(plastic hanging baskets), a seeding hole having a diameter of 1 cm and a depth of 1 cm was taken in the center of each hole of the tray filled with the substrate. Manually or mechanically seed the seed to the seeding hole, cover the vermiculite or perlite after sowing, scrape off the excess covering material above the hole with the scraper, so that the hole of the hole is clearly visible(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Sprinkle water on the seeded and covered trays with manual or spray equipment until water seeps through the drain holes at the bottom of the tray.

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