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Cheap 10 Inch Plastic Plant Pots For Sale

Therefore, the small pepper is too much nitrogen fertilizer at one time, not only the crop can not be absorbed(square nursery pots), resulting in waste, and even the phenomenon of "high seedlings" and "burning seedlings", and the soil salt concentration is too high, hindering the growth of roots(6.5inch plastic plant pots). In order to improve the yield and quality of small peppers, we should master the techniques of fertilization and watering in all aspects.

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After ploughing, the hoe is flat and fine, and the ground is made into sputum(black plastic plant pots). It is best to leave 1/3 of the base fertilizer to be applied to the squat under the sputum. After the shallow hoe, the soil is mixed and then smashed. First dig a small hole of 15-25 cm deep on the surface of the shovel, then transplant the soil with earth, fill the hole with a fine hole, and fill it with water(7.48inch plastic plant pots). The next morning, the water was re-watered and the hole was sealed with fine soil.

(cheap 10 inch plastic plant pots for sale)Watering should be carried out in the morning and evening(gallon nursery pots). 3-4 days after planting, when the ground is whitish, carry out cultivating, but the near seedling should be shallow to prevent the seedlings from loosening. 5-7 days after planting, when the stems and leaves are green and the heart leaves begin to grow, it is a slow seedling(flat plastic tray). The seedling water should be poured, combined with watering, and a seedling fertilizer should be applied once.

Each mu is used to apply 5,000 kilograms of farmer's fertilizer(cell trays), 50 kilograms of superphosphate, and 20 kilograms of potassium sulfate. When the soil is dry, the pine soil is protected by a fine cultivating, and then the seedlings are planted for 10-15 days. If the soil is too dry or too much rain, it will cause deciduous, falling flowers and fruit drop due to plant wilting or rooting(plastic grow pots). After that, depending on the weather, water should be poured every 7-10 days to keep the dough dry.(cheap 10 inch plastic plant pots for sale)

When most of the plant peppers sit on the fruit, the seedlings are finished(gallon plant pot), the second water is poured, and the water is combined with watering, and the fertilizer is applied once per mu, 20-25 kg per mu of urea or 1000 kg of human excrement, ditching, applying Immediately after watering, the fruit is swollen(greenhouse supplies pots). After the pepper is harvested, the third water is poured, and the fertilizer is added in combination with the watering, and the urea per acre is 10-15 kg.

Always keep the kneading surface in a timely manner to facilitate the expansion of the fruit(plug trays). In case of hot rain (sultry weather, sunny after the rain), you can shallowly pour a water and use the "steaming garden" to cool down. Small peppers are not resistant to sputum, such as continuous water accumulation in the field, each time more than 4 hours, there will be wilting or even drowning. Into the rainy season, we must do a good job of drainage and flood control(wholesale greenhouse pots), and do not have any water in the rain stop, and should be drained in time after the water is accumulated.

(cheap 10 inch plastic plant pots for sale)It is found that in the early stage of the brief money-making tree, the soil is disinfected in time, and some bacteria-assisted drugs are used for adjuvant treatment(propagation tray). When root rot and other Pythium-producing bacteria are active, use Plucker, carbendazim, Rydmir or Phytophthora. Spraying, the general effect is about two weeks(seed starter trays). In addition, for the insect pests of the tree, the non-fumigation killing agent such as ketone phosphorus, keda, mire, and phorate can be used for insecticidal treatment.

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