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Do not water the seedbed that is not particularly dry, and pour the seedling soil(sureroot plug trays bulk). If the seedbed is relatively dry, pour water once. It is best to water the water in the morning. After watering, the air is enlarged and cooled to prevent the high temperature and high humidity from causing the rice seedlings to grow. When the rice seedlings are basically out of the line, it is necessary to release the wind to cool down and let the stems and leaves grow slowly, which promotes root growth(plug trays wholesale). Every morning at 5:30, from the leeward side of the greenhouse, start to put a small wind, increase the amount of air when the temperature rises.

(cheap 100 gallon grow bags wholesale supplier)The temperature of the day shed is lowered, and the maximum shed temperature can be controlled at 25 to 28 degrees(32 cell seed trays wholesale). If you encounter continuous low-temperature and illuminating weather, you must remove the breathable membrane during the day and cover it at night. In the morning, it is necessary to strengthen ventilation. Whether it is rainy or sunny, it should be ventilated, and the moisture should be discharged to prevent the rice seedlings from developing bacterial wilt, blight and cotton rot(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If the temperature is low at night, you can close the shed early in the afternoon, accumulate heat, and increase the temperature of the night shed!

The bed soil is wet, and it can be closed at 2~3 pm in the afternoon(200 cell seed trays wholesale). At this time, the focus of temperature management is to stabilize the shed temperature during the day and improve the night shed temperature. It is best to let the night shed temperature not less than 10 degrees. If the soil temperature is below 4 degrees for a long time, the roots of the rice seedlings will be necrotic and bacterial wilt will appear. Once the cotton rot occurs(plastic nursery pots), it can be sprayed with ammonia copper, quinolinone, and fine metalaxyl. Use as described and spray. And increase the amount of ventilation to reduce the humidity of the bed surface.

(cheap 100 gallon grow bags wholesale supplier)If the seedbed is relatively wet(seed starting trays wholesale), after the rice seedlings are planted with soil, the spermicide can be sprayed on the cover soil to prevent the cotton rot, and the 360-square-meter seedbed is covered with 32% of the carbendazim 500g. . Other types of blight can also be prevented. If it is not a greenhouse in which the shoulders are ventilated, the lower part of the air outlet should be blocked with plastic, and the height can be about 1.2 meters(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Prevent cold wind from blowing rice seedlings and let moisture and heat escape from the upper part of the air outlet.

Let the soil be slightly acidic, and the seeding density of the transplanted rice seedlings is relatively large(3.54inch plastic plant pots), try to control the watering, dry and dry the pipe, if you encounter high temperature weather, you must increase the ventilation, if the seedlings are not out or especially short The two sides should also be covered with a 1 meter wide mulch, and the mulch should be covered with a mulch for a few days to keep warm and moisturize, and grow fast(wholesale nursery pots). The shed should also be covered with a metre and a half-width mulch to promote the rapid growth of the two sheds and the side seedlings.

(cheap 100 gallon grow bags wholesale supplier)Organic sulfuric acid and solid acid can be used instead of concentrated sulfuric acid(plastic cell trays supplier). The seedling soil should be sieved and mixed together three or four days before use. After mixing, the seedling soil should be piled up two or three times, stuffy and stuffy. It is best to calculate the amount of seedling soil is more accurate. Because the specifications of the plate are different, the amount of soil is different. Different sizes of trays, the amount of use of each greenhouse is not the same(black plastic nursery pots)! The number of trays that can be mixed with each bag of strong agent can not be the same.

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