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Cheap 104 Cell Seed Starter Tray Wholesale

In summer, it is not easy to flower(200 cell seed starting trays). At this time, a few flower buds emerged, and it also blossomed, indicating that it is more suitable for its growth now. The branches that have been smashed have been cut and can now be transplanted. Today, I will talk about how to transplant the goldfish and the orchids. Let’s talk about the soil. I used the humus soil and sieved it for a few days. In fact, it was done in the summer(wholesale nursery pots). This kind of humus soil is the most suitable. After two days of exposure, the worm will be sunburned.

(cheap 104 cell seed starter tray wholesale)Then add half of the perlite, can be mixed with half of the river sand can also be, the nature is similar(72 cell plug trays supplier), are granular soil, play a role of water permeability, we can also insert half of the cinder, the nature of goldfish spider orchid and meat is similar Its root system is not very developed, the soil requirements are loose, and the gas permeability is particularly good(plastic nursery pots). Sprinkle with a half spoonful of small white medicine to prevent the birth of small black fly, and then put some systemic insecticide.

Then you can prevent black rot infections, gallons used in flower pots(128 cell plug trays supplier). This kind of flower pot is relatively low, because the goldfish is similar to the meat, its root system is not very developed, the flower pot can not be used too deeply, I give it Padded with a layer of large particles of cinder, is to make a drain layer, first put a layer of soil inside(plastic nursery pots wholesale), because this goldfish hanging orchid is entering the dormant period, can not add the base fertilizer, the growth will be very slow.

(cheap 104 cell seed starter tray wholesale)Some time ago(32 cell plug trays supplier), the goldfish hanging orchids grew too strong, and dug a hole in the potting soil and buried it. Push it off, water it after transplanting, then add a few drops of the developer, plus four or five drops, the rooting agent can promote its new roots, allowing it to quickly serve the pot, or let it The roots become more robust(black plastic nursery pots), placed in a cool, ventilated place, let it rest for a few days, and then let it see a little light.

I started online searching for semi-soil and semi-water planting methods(seed starting trays supplier). This is the method of planting I am experimenting with. The traditional planting is to make holes in the bottom of the basin to let the water flow out, which plays a role of dry and wet circulation. Nowadays, the popular water storage in foreign countries is the so-called semi-soil and semi-water planting in China. This kind of planting method is that the bottom of the pelvic floor does not drill holes(plug trays wholesale), and holes are made at a certain height at the bottom of the basin to allow water to flow out, so that the bottom has long-term water retention.

(cheap 104 cell seed starter tray wholesale)When the branches are too long(128 cell seed trays wholesale), they will be topped, and the lateral buds at the bottom have already grown. In fact, it is more afraid of heat, because the goldfish spider orchid is in a semi-dormant state in the summer, and the semi-dormant state is watered. More, it is easy to breed this kind of pathogen infection(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), so add some fungicides to it, the root system of goldfish is very developed, the leaves have begun to grow, and now there is no problem in transplanting.

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