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It is forbidden to spread the fertilizer on the surface(seed starter trays). In the seedling stage, a small amount of quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer is generally applied as a seedling fertilizer after the seedling is fixed. 5-10 kg of urea can be applied per acre, applying or applying ditch, timely irrigation after application, and requiring more fertilizer during the rose period(cell trays). The quantity and quality of top dressing in this period will have an important impact on the future yield.(cheap 105 cell plug flats wholesale supplier)

At first, there was a pale brown spot on the upper part of the fruit(flat plastic tray). Choose disease-resistant and disease-resistant varieties. The incidence often starts from the lower leaves, applying 25 kg of ternary compound fertilizer per acre or 15-20 kg of urea and 5 kg of potassium fertilizer; the ball-forming period is the period in which the fertilizer is most needed(gallon plant pot), and the ternary compound fertilizer is generally applied per mu in the beginning of the ball-forming period.

Under high temperature and fine light, the leaves are brown-brown spots, and the stems are brown long-striped spots(square nursery pots), and the fruit forms various irregular plaques, resulting in fruit malformation. Yellow-green or dark and shallow mottled leaves appear on the leaves, and the veins are transparent(plug trays). The edge of the blade is bent upwards, and the leaflets are spherically twisted into a spiral deformity, and the plants are atrophied or clustered.(cheap 105 cell plug flats wholesale supplier)

The topdressing should be applied to the acupoints, and the fertilizer should be poured in time after the topdressing(plastic grow pots). The second donkey dish can be planted from mid-June to mid-July. The middle and lower leaves are slightly rolled up, and the corolla is thickened to form a giant flower(propagation tray). 30 kg or 10-15 kg of urea, 10 kg of potassium fertilizer (potassium sulfate) and timely irrigation, no longer topdressing in the middle and late stages of the ball.

The humidity is high, the field irrigation and drainage is poor, and the farmers are not able to use the disease for the disease(black plastic plant pots). Thoroughly control the aphids that transmit the virus from the seedling stage. The greenhouse was warmed slowly, and the vegetables were not long. How can I solve it(200 cell trays bulk)? According to relevant observations, water droplets or dust adhered to the shed film, which can reduce the light transmittance by about 30%.

(cheap 105 cell plug flats wholesale supplier)The leaves of the main plants are chlorotic and yellow, the leaves become smaller(greenhouse supplies pots), the leaves are shrunk, the middle part is slightly protruding, the edges are more curled, the plants are dwarfed, or there are clumps. Should be based on prevention. Weeds are removed and are not linked to Solanaceae crops and melon crops(112 cell trays bulk). Planting fields are best not to be adjacent to potato and melon crops.

Seed disinfection: Soak seeds with 10% trisodium phosphate solution for 20-30 minutes(gallon nursery pots), or soak seeds with 0.1 potassium permanganate for one hour. In the field management operation, such as pruning, turning, and touching the hand of the diseased plant, it should be repeatedly scrubbed with soapy water, and tools such as knife and scissors should be immersed in 10% formalin for disinfection(288 cell trays bulk). Once the disease is infected, the drug control is basically ineffective. 

The following is a detailed introduction to everyone: how to heat the greenhouse, how to heat the greenhouse(wholesale greenhouse pots)? Keep the membrane clean and increase the amount of light. The heat in the greenhouse is mainly from solar radiation, which converts part of the light energy into heat when the sunlight enters the shed through the shed film(20 cell trays bulk). The water droplets and dust on the shed film have a great influence on the lighting conditions in the shed.(cheap 105 cell plug flats wholesale supplier)

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