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Cheap 105 Cell Plug Trays Wholesale Supplier

Compared with other leafy vegetables, celery has a longer seedling age(wholesale nursery pots). The average calendar age is 50-80 days (days). The seeds of the coated seeds and sowing lines are concentrated on the germination cart, and the semi-automatic seeder is used. The sowing cost is 7.9% of artificial sowing, artificially seeded (on-demand) 956 (96?) plates, semi-automatic seeding machines are planted 160 times per hour(20 cell propagation trays wholesale), and automated seeding lines are planted 500 times per hour to optimize the nursery process.

(cheap 105 cell plug trays wholesale supplier)Manual sowing requires 3 workers to assist in loading, watering and transportation(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The semi-automatic seeding machine requires 4 workers to assist in loading, watering and transportation. The automated seeding line requires 3 workers to assist in loading, watering and transportation. The statistical test results show that the semi-automatic and fully automatic machine seeder-based seeding line can greatly improve the work efficiency(288 cell propagation trays wholesale), and the efficiency of the whole artificial seeding (on-demand) is 13.3 times and 41.7 times, respectively.

The growth is slow, although the purchase of semi-automatic seeding machines and automated seeding lines is relatively large(cell propagation tray wholesale), but for a long time, the automated seeding line has the lowest seeding cost per plate, which is about 2.3% of the artificial seeding cost. Considering the cost of purchasing the assembly line, it is recommended to purchase a semi-automatic planter for a nursery with a seedling volume of 500 to 10 million(24 cell propagation trays wholesale), and a seeding line for a nursery with a seedling volume of more than 10 million.

(cheap 105 cell plug trays wholesale supplier)Physiological seedling age 4 to 6 leaves, germination at 17 °C for 5 to 7 days (days), can effectively increase the rate of emergence(black plastic nursery pots). Celery is a green-green vernalized vegetable. It can sense low temperature after 3 to 4 leaves of seedlings, and is most sensitive when 5 to 6 leaves are used. If it is subjected to low temperature of 10 to 15 days (days) or longer than 10 °C, After the seedlings are planted, they are easy to convulsion(112 cell propagation trays wholesale), which affects the commercialization of celery after planting. Therefore, long-term low temperature should be avoided during winter seedlings.

Push into the germination room(plastic nursery pots wholesale), the water control during the nursery period is generally based on the principle of small water and watering, to avoid long-term water volume is too large, to keep the soil moist. During the germination period, the nutrients in the commercial matrix can be supplied to grow. According to the growth of the seedlings, 0.1%-0.3% of the NPK water soluble fertilizer (NPK is 20-20-20) is applied, the nitrogen fertilizer should not be too much, and the nitrogen fertilizer is too much(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). When the temperature is high, it is easy to form a long seedling with a slender petiole and a thin blade.

(cheap 105 cell plug trays wholesale supplier)Seedling adjustment is an important means to ensure that each plant has a robust seedling at each hole, and at the same time ensure that the same level of seedlings grows evenly(plastic nursery pots). The seedling technology requires a lot of labor to complete. Under normal circumstances, each worker can adjust 40 to 60 trays of seedlings for 8 hours (hours), and the seedling cost per seedling is about 2.5 yuan, which can be placed every 667 m2(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). The number of trays is 3,000, and the labor cost of seedlings is as high as 0.75 million per 667 m2.

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