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Cheap 11 Inch Commercial Plastic Nursery Plant Pots

What kind of winter spinach is selected? How to grow winter spinach(gallon plant pot)? Spinach can be divided into five varieties: root spinach, spinach, spring spinach, summer spinach and autumn spinach. Planting winter spinach should use cold-resistant varieties such as spinach spinach or sharp-leaved spinach(32 cell plug trays supplier). Seasonal cold, short-day climatic conditions are very suitable for the growth of spinach, spinach has good cold tolerance, even in the cold winter can be safely passed.

Then, September and October are the largest areas of spinach planting area(square nursery pots). The “fast green” and “fast-growing large-leaf” spinach are planted in early September, and the leaves are large and round, and the color is good, which is very popular in the market. It is also possible to use the idle greenhouse to plant wintering spinach, which can be listed on the New Year's Day to the Spring Festival(seed starting trays supplier). Spinach fields should choose fertile, well-preserved and water-retaining plots.

(cheap 11 inch commercial plastic nursery plant pots)Now is one of the preferred side dishes for hot pot(black plastic plant pots). The management is simple and the benefits are good, and it does not affect the main vegetable production in the early spring. Wintering spinach has a strong cold tolerance when the plant reaches 5-6 leaves. A shallow loose soil should be carried out to achieve weeding and wetting(flat plastic tray). The timing of watering should be controlled in the surface soil. Many of them are thoughts of wishful thinking. 

Before the ploughing, the high-quality farmyard manure is 5-6 cubic meters and the compound fertilizer is 40 kilograms(plug trays). When you are in the ground, you should leave enough space between the rafts to set up a wind barrier. Therefore, when the average daily temperature in autumn drops to 17 ° C ~ 19 ° C, it is most suitable for sowing(plastic grow pots). The method of sowing is: first soak the seeds with warm water of 35 ° C for 12 hours, remove them and dry them, or sow them in the field.

Mix the wheat bran with pesticides on the surface to prevent the underground pests such as cockroaches from harming the seedlings(gallon nursery pots). When the plants grow 3-4 leaves, keep the soil moist and topdress as appropriate. When the plant grows 5-6 leaves, it is necessary to pour the frozen water in time(greenhouse supplies pots). It is best to use frozen water for pouring frozen water, which is beneficial to the accelerated growth of spinach after early spring.(cheap 11 inch commercial plastic nursery plant pots)

And it can be harvested when it grows to 20cm(propagation tray). It can be marketed about 40 days after sowing in August-October, 70-80 days after sowing in the middle and late October, and it can be harvested 25-30 days after the wintering spinach returns to green. The alkalized soil with more sodium carbonate is more toxic to the crop(wholesale greenhouse pots). Although soda is more expensive than tap water, it is for us humans, and for plants it is more suitable for tap water.

(cheap 11 inch commercial plastic nursery plant pots)Sparkling water may change the pH of the soil and is not good for plants(cell trays). In fact, not only soda, but all drinks are not suitable for direct watering. After all, the little soil in the pot has limited ability to handle sugar and other substances in the beverage. If it is in the field, it is poured(seed starter trays). Dozens of bottles of beverages will not have a great impact on plants, because there are many soils in the field and strong processing capacity.

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