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Cheap 110mm Plastic Plant Pots In Bulk

It is suitable to plant lettuce in a well-drained container(flat plastic tray). The roots of lettuce are very shallow. It is not required to be planted in a pot that is too deep. It is suitable for a wide and shallow container. The bottom of the basin should have a drainage hole. It is 15 cm deep. Normally Plastic basins, pottery basins or tile basins are all available(gallon nursery pots). Lettuce is a kind of vegetable that loves the cold environment. It can not maintain the temperature that is too high.

Lettuce is a vegetable that grows very fast. It is usually seeded with seeds(plastic grow pots). Spread the seeds evenly under the soil of 2~3 cm under the potting soil. Keep the pots and soils moist, and keep them in the bright, airy and warm places. Rooting and sprouting in about two weeks(cell trays). Planting lettuce in summer should be placed in a shaded area, and the environment should be kept cool and ventilated to prevent exposure to the sun or hot environment.(cheap 110mm plastic plant pots in bulk)

The soil that maintains the lettuce can be the usual garden soil(greenhouse supplies pots). The compost soil is also a good choice to ensure the soil is plump and the drainage is good. It is. Summer demand often sprinkles water, insisting that the potting soil is slightly moist, do not let the potting soil be completely boring, sprinkle water when the potting soil is slightly dry(gallon plant pot), and also prevent the basin soil from accumulating water, and the accumulated water simply forms root rot.

The best is the decomposed manure plus garden soil and peat soil. It can be planted in all seasons(wholesale greenhouse pots). Of course, it only needs to be dried in the warm area and then planted in the winter. Of course, it is best to use the humus-rich potting soil. Only a little light in the morning or dusk is required. The leaves are often purple-green, and the leaves turn purple-red when the temperature is low(plug trays). It is especially a hot time in the afternoon, giving a cool environment.

(cheap 110mm plastic plant pots in bulk)During the maintenance process, it is necessary to ensure that the fertilizer is sufficient(seed starter trays). It can be applied once every 2~3 weeks, and the thin and even fertilizer can be given. Usually, quick-acting liquid fertilizer is used, and no rich fertilizer is applied. It is named for its fuchsia and raw food. The plant is 23-25 cm high and has a degree of development of 22-25 cm(propagation tray). The leaves are nearly oval, 20 cm long and 18 cm wide, and weigh 150-250 g per plant.

The heart leaves are not cohesive, the leaves are soft, the taste is sweet, and the quality is good(square nursery pots). The plant is 25-30 cm high, and the leaves are obovate, thick, dark green, shiny, with slightly wrinkled leaves and cohesive hearts. The plant weight is 200-400 grams. The leaves are crispy, the taste is fresh and sweet, and the quality is good(6.5inch plastic plant pots). The plant is 15-20 cm high, the leaves are elliptical, thicker, 18-20 cm long, 10-12 cm wide, light green, slightly wrinkled on the leaves, whole, cohesive or not.

The leaf edge is wavy and lobed, and the weight per plant is 200^-300 g(black plastic plant pots). More cold resistant, slightly heat resistant. The leaves are shrunk and the leaves are wavy. The plant is 15-20 cm high, the heart leaves are not cohesive, and there are many edible fibers, so it is called a diet dish. Plants in potted lettuce should not be planted too densely, and should be kept at some distance(7.48inch plastic plant pots). Maintain proper shade and prevent the soil from being too boring.(cheap 110mm plastic plant pots in bulk)

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