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Cheap 12 cm Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Price

The oily wheat is a variant of lettuce(plastic nursery pots). In terms of taste, Xiaobian thinks that the taste of the oily wheat is better and sweeter. Lettuce is often bitter. The oily wheat is generally eaten mainly by its leaves. Let's learn about the cultivation techniques of the oily wheat(7.48inch plastic plant pots). Usually, the oily wheat is cultivated in summer or autumn, but seeding and seedlings need to be carried out more than half a month in advance.

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First soak the oil wheat seeds with water for five hours, then wash and drain to carry out germination(plastic nursery pots wholesale), then wrap the seeds in a damp cotton cloth, put them in a fifteen to twenty degrees environment, and rinse the seeds once a day. Live or dredging can be done, but it needs to be done evenly, so that the seedlings are convenient. Generally, watering can be done in the morning and evening(7.88inch plastic plant pots). The amount of water should not be too much.

(cheap 12 cm plastic plant pots wholesale price)The diseased plants should be removed in time(cell trays). When the oil wheat seedlings grow to about five centimeters, they can be thinned according to the planting density, and the strong leaves are left, and the weak ones are removed. When the oily wheat has five true leaves, it can be transplanted and planted. Datian base fertilizer should apply about 1200 kg of fertilizer(9.06inch plastic plant pots). It is possible to add some 200 jin of ash, and the ditch is used in the inter-row absorption.

Many people are stupid and can't tell the lettuce and the oily wheat(black plastic nursery pots). After sowing, it is necessary to water the soil in time to make the soil moist. The conversion rate is high. The whole field is applied and the fertilization is not concentrated, but the soil improvement is very good. It can be seen that mainly water-immersed lesions are formed, otherwise white mildews appear(2.5inch square nursery pots). It is also possible to apply 10-15 kg of urea fertilizer in water for irrigation. 

Fertilizer application of nitrogen fertilizer(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), when the plant grows to 15 cm high, you can spray 1 to 300 potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution to supplement the fertilizer. Generally, when the oil wheat is transplanted for ten days, the seedling water can be poured once. If the soil moisture is kept good, it can be postponed(3.5inch square nursery pots). The oily wheat vegetables need sufficient water to keep the leaves growing, and probably maintain 60% soil moisture.(cheap 12 cm plastic plant pots wholesale price)

Spray 200 times liquid high-fat film (emulsion) before the disease, and spray once every 10 days(wholesale nursery pots). In the early stage of the disease, spray with 75% chlorothalonil WP 500 times. The disease was severely treated with 58% of a nail cream and a manganese-zinc wettable powder 500 times(4.5inch square nursery pots). The main insect pest is aphid, sucking leaves, and a large number of occurrences are controlled by using 50% anti-converse WP or 50% chlorpyrifos emulsion 1000 times.

Therefore, the organic fertilizer has the characteristics of long-lasting effect(6.5inch plastic plant pots), and the potted green radish likes the fertile and loose soil environment, and can be used for top dressing or foliar fertilizer. However, whether it is animal nitrogen fertilizer or plant nitrogen fertilizer, as long as it is properly applied to the green radish potted plants at the right time, it can often play a relatively good growth effect(4.5inch deep square pots). In order to improve the ornamental value of potted green radish, scientific and rational fertilization is very important.(cheap 12 cm plastic plant pots wholesale price)

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