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Cheap 120mm Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale

The most expensive one belongs to the floating tube capillary hydroponics method, and the input of the standard one mu area is about 150,000(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). According to the material of the greenhouse, it is more expensive. The cheaper ones are bamboo greenhouses and steel pipe greenhouses(90mm plastic grow pots). The price per mu is between 5000-8000. Soilless cultivation has many advantages over traditional cultivation methods.

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In fact, in the season when the citrus is listed, there will always be news of some citrus scorpions coming out of the gap(plastic nursery pots). Although many experts say that a small amount of eating citrus can not cause health problems, there is no medical report that causes disease, and there is no need to panic. However, when you eat this thing... When it comes to citrus, the ultimate victim is the fruit grower(10cm plastic grow pots). In case of high temperature, they often find shelter in the shade, such as the shady side of the leaves.(cheap 120mm plastic plant pots wholesale)

After the larvae feed on the citrus fruit, a large amount of fruit will be formed(wholesale nursery pots). After the fruit is damaged, the value of the product is completely lost, and it cannot be eaten and sold, and the loss is huge. The citrus with cockroaches found in the market is only a minority, but a large number of reports have infinitely magnified the negative impact, seriously damaging the purchasing enthusiasm of consumers(10.5cm plastic grow pots), causing a large amount of citrus unsalable, and the loss of fruit farmers has further expanded.

The fog training method is also very simple(plastic nursery pots wholesale). In severe cases, it will affect all citrus industries. Benign development. If the grower chooses this method, it depends on his own needs, and the investment is relatively high. It can be said that the eaters are disgusting and the readers are worried. From this point of view, in order to deal with the problem of citrus, it is necessary to grab the source and do a good job in the prevention and control of the citrus fruit fly(100mm plastic grow pots). Produced near the umbilicus.

(cheap 120mm plastic plant pots wholesale)The body color is brownish yellow(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). Seeing that the wintering big fruit fly is about to be unearthed, how to do it? The life of the citrus fruit fly has to go through four periods of eggs, larvae, pupa and adults, which are completely metamorphosis. There are clouds in the military books, knowing ourselves and knowing each other, and fighting against the big fly, we must start by understanding it(11cm plastic grow pots). The epidermis is removed by a knife, and there are obvious halos around the spawning hole.

The compound eye is golden green, and the center of the chest has a dark brown-brown "human"-shaped marking(black plastic nursery pots). The wings are transparent and the veins are yellowish brown. The black stripes on the third section of the abdomen are intersected in a "ten" character. Adults generally move during the day, especially at 1 to 4 pm, and stop after dark(110mm plastic grow pots). Adult activities are generally 21~30°C, sunny days are more active than cloudy days, and there are few activities in rainy days.

Long oval, slightly curved in the middle, transparent at both ends, smooth surface without pattern, length about 1.5~1.6mm(cell trays). Spawning begins in mid-June, and the period from the seventh to the eighth is the spawning period. The parts where the adults lay eggs have certain differences to different hosts. Oranges such as navel oranges and rock sugar oranges are mostly produced between the lumbar umbilicus(9cm plastic grow pots). There are often milky protrusions in the spawning area.(cheap 120mm plastic plant pots wholesale)

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