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Generally, when hybrid sunflowers are hybridized, different varieties of sunflowers are newly bred through breeding(blow molded nursery pots). Therefore, the cultivation management method of hybrid sunflowers is slightly different from that of ordinary sunflower varieties(200 cell seed starter trays). The following describes the high-yield and high-efficiency planting technology of hybrid sunflowers. Implement a reasonable rotation for more than five years.

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Wheat, corn, millet, sorghum, and potato are better for the previous crop(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). Don't choose a plot that uses excessively long and residual herbicides for the previous crop. Before and after the topdressing sunflower entered the budding period, combined with 5 kg of urea for acres of cultivated soil and cultivated soil(32 cell seed starter trays), spray 0.3-0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution and add 1 kg of urea 1-2 times during budding or flowering.

(cheap 128 cell plug flats wholesale suppliers uk)The sowing date can be sown at a soil temperature of 10 cm for 5 consecutive days above 10 ° C(bulk 10 gallon pots). Then choose flat land with flat terrain, fertile soil and good drainage. The base fertilizer is mainly organic fertilizer, and 1000 kg of farm manure can be applied appropriately. 8-10 kg of diammonium, 5-7 kg of potassium sulfate, and 5 kg of urea are applied on the seed acres(72 cell propagation trays). The ridge spacing is 65-70 cm, and the plant spacing is 55-65 cm.

Proper late sowing can avoid the high temperature of the flowering period, is easy to pollinate, and improves the seed setting rate(bulk 14 gallon pots). Seed treatment If the seed is not treated, seed coating can be performed. If the seed coating agent contains only fungicides and no pesticides(40 cell seed starting trays), it can be sprayed on the ground with 250 g of methyl ethyl parathion per acre and 30 kg of water , Rodent control, bromine rat spirit, bromodilone, etc. can be used for control.(cheap 128 cell plug flats wholesale suppliers uk)

Sowing method or artificial on-demand (corn seeder or hoe ditching sowing), "1 grain, 1 grain, 2 grain" method can be adopted for seed sowing(bulk 15 gallon pots). The sowing amount is seeded with an air-suction precision on-demand machine, the seed amount per hectare is 5250-6000 grams, and the amount of seed used for corn seeder or hoe ditching is appropriately increased(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). The product quality shall be improved by improving the product level.

(cheap 128 cell plug flats wholesale suppliers uk)General seedlings and fixed seedlings can be seeded when there are 1 pair of true leaves and 4 pairs of true leaves(bulk 20 gallon pots). The first-time tillage was carried out with the combined cultivation of barnyardgrass and thin seedlings. The second-time tillage was carried out one week after the seedling was set, and the third-time tillage was about 50-70 cm(104 cell seed starting trays). Twigs and leaves can be used to “kill the branches immediately,” and assist the pollination.

The principle of reasonable density and dense planting is that fat land should be dense and thin(injection molded nursery pots). The puff pollination method is the second artificial pollination of the sunflower during the flowering period. The bee pollination method is to put 5 boxes of bees per acre of land(105 cell seed starter trays). When threshing, it is strictly forbidden to mix with conventional varieties and other varieties, and it is strictly forbidden to mix rotten dishes and rotten kernels.(cheap 128 cell plug flats wholesale suppliers uk)

Phosphorus fertilizers are predominant in the early growth stages, while nitrogen and potassium fertilizers are the main in the middle and late stages of growth(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). It has the characteristics of short growth period. Remove the old leaves at the bottom. Harvesting should be harvested in fine weather(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). It is strictly forbidden to pile the harvested sunflower disks, and they should be placed on a single plate to dry and thresh.

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