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Cheap 128 Cell Seed Starter Tray In Bulk

It can be planted all year round in Beijing(32 cell propagation trays wholesale). The net benefit per 667m2 is over 4,000 yuan, which is favored by many producers. When planting, because the celery seed skin is thick and hard, it is difficult to see through the water. Under normal circumstances, the germination is slow and irregular, and there is often a phenomenon of "three generations of seedlings". Conventional seedlings, celery seeds are small, and there are many impurities(wholesale nursery pots). Artificial seeding takes time and effort, and later seedlings and seedlings require a lot of labor, and the production cost is high.

(cheap 128 cell seed starter tray in bulk)More than 80% of celery seedlings in Beijing use intensive seedlings to reduce seeding, which ensures that seedlings are robust(98 cell propagation trays wholesale), tidy and work efficiency. Seeds that have been primed and coated are used. The celery seeds are small, the 1000-grain weight is only 0.3-0.4g, the young buds have weak top soil ability, the leather is kind, and contains volatile oil which inhibits germination(plastic nursery pots). The water permeability is poor, and the germination is very slow and irregular.

In combination with the application of the flat sputum technology(50 cell propagation trays wholesale), the seeds are coated and priming, the surface is smoother and more uniform, and the germination is relatively neat, the emergence size is uniform, and the disease resistance and stress resistance of the seedlings are enhanced. In general, commercial seeds of celery, especially imported seeds, such as American Ventura celery, California celery, French queen celery, etc.(plastic nursery pots wholesale), have mostly been subjected to initiation and coating treatment, and celery intensive seedlings are recommended to use such seeds.

(cheap 128 cell seed starter tray in bulk)With the improvement of celery seedling technology(105 cell propagation trays wholesale), more and more nurseries use seeding methods of semi-automatic seeding machines or sowing lines, especially seeding lines, which can sow 400-600 trays per hour, which can be used to fill substrates and pressure at one time. The whole process of hole, sowing, covering and watering, the sowing depth is about 0.5cm, and 2 to 3 seeds are planted per hole(black plastic nursery pots). The covering soil should not be too thick, and the grid of the tray can be clearly seen.

Mechanical sowing adopts the method of dry seed sowing, unified germination in the germination chamber or seedbed(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), and the seed quality is reliable, the mechanical sowing depth is consistent, the emergence rate of celery can reach more than 85%, and the seed is germinated 15d (day). 1 time seedlings, remove the dense seedlings in the plugs, and fix the seedlings around 25d (days) to ensure that there is 1 robust seedling at each hole(plug trays wholesale). The use of mechanical seeding can effectively improve work efficiency and save labor costs.

(cheap 128 cell seed starter tray in bulk)Taking the seeding tray of 128 holes as an example(128 cell propagation trays wholesale), all the complete seeding procedures for loading, sowing, covering soil and watering are completed as the benchmark. The seeding accuracy of different seeding forms is set to 100%; the artificial daily 100 yuan is 365d per day. Calculation, 8 hours (hours) per day; semi-automatic planter (NS-30) purchase cost of 70,000 yuan, seeding line (M-SNSL200) purchase (M-SNSL200) cost 400,000 yuan(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), all according to the use of 10 a (year ) Calculation.

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