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For plants, it doesn't matter whether it is like or not(buy nursery pots). The buds of Camellia are relatively long. In the summer and autumn, the buds begin to bloom. How do you start the flower buds in a few months? Let's take a look at how to water the potassium dihydrogen phosphate. For flower friends, there are generally two ways to water and spray(15 gallon tree pot). When we usually water the flowers, we can pour water by the way.

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First, potassium dihydrogen phosphate is added to water to prepare a solution with a concentration of 0.1%(small square plant pots). If the plant growth potential is strong, it can be appropriately increased to not more than 1%. In general, the absorption of potassium dihydrogen phosphate by plants(20 gallon tree pot), the young leaves are stronger than the old leaves, the back of the leaves is stronger than the front, and the young shoots can also be absorbed (note that both sides of the leaves should be sprayed).

It is not suitable for direct sunlight(large round plastic planters). Then spray it with a watering can. Spraying 0.2%~0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, we choose the branches with air roots, and cut a section of branches. Some people like the red roses, some people like the flowers of Lingshuang Ao Xue, the plants Survival is always inseparable from the light(1 gallon fabric pots). After spraying, it can be directly absorbed by the stomata on the leaves, tender stems and flower buds of plants.

Spraying is a bit moister and quicker than watering, and the effect can be seen in 3-5 days(viagrow pots). The ratio of water to water is 1:500, usually three or five days. There is still time to talk about some other knowledge about potassium dihydrogen phosphate for the reference of the flower friends. Promote the expansion of young fruit, increase yield, increase sugar content, and improve fruit quality(200 gallon container). However, green radish is a negative plant, which can be placed indoors in the sun. 

Before the main flowering, the leaf thickness can be increased, the photosynthesis can be enhanced, and the fruit setting rate can be improved to some extent(128 cell plug flats). Spray 3-4 times of 0.2% to 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate in the fruit growth period at intervals of 10 to 15 days(nursery trays for plants). After picking, spray 0.2%~0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate at intervals of 10~15 days to protect leaf function, accumulate nutrients and prevent premature senescence of leaves.

If the root is rotted, the roots should be cleaned, and the roots should be cut and cured with potassium permanganate solution(square plastic plant pots). The water is green, and the water in the basin can be replaced without frequent replacement, but the leaves should be sprayed with water to keep it moist(5 gallon containers for sale). If it is in a dark room for a long time, it should be moved outside to let the sun bathe at intervals, otherwise the leaves will become smaller or even yellow.

Cut the cuttings and pay attention to the 15-20 cm from the top(large plastic planters uk). Leave the water in the shade and slowly grow the fine roots under the action of the rooting powder. Follow these two steps to start the cutting. Almost all plants can be applied with potassium dihydrogen phosphate, depending on our expectation of the plant(bulk mini succulent pots). For example, we hope that the plants will not grow, grow more, and grow stronger, and can give potassium dihydrogen phosphate in an appropriate amount.

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