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Cheap 140 mm Grower Pots Wholesale Suppliers SA

The desert rose is very similar to the desert environment because of its origin(105 cell plant trays bulk). Some varieties are not only red like roses, but also some varieties are bright and snowy, but no matter which variety of desert roses, not only the stems are vigorous, but also the flowers are beautiful. However, the desert rose is a warm, hi-light plant, and it is not cold-resistant(plastic nursery pots). Therefore, if we ensure that the plant can survive smoothly in winter, it has become a problem we have to consider.

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(cheap 140 mm grower pots wholesale suppliers sa)So, in the next winter, how does the desert rose winter? Want to let the desert rose safely and smoothly through the cold winter(72 cell plant trays bulk), first of all, the plant must grow strong enough, plus we take appropriate measures to keep warm and keep cold. It is not a big problem for the smooth winter weather. When the ambient temperature is as low as 10 °C, the original desert rose is prone to freezing damage(plastic nursery pots wholesale), so when the temperature is relatively obvious, we must move it to indoor maintenance in time.

It is usually placed indoors where it is warm and easy to receive light, ensuring that plants are not frostbitten(50 cell plug trays supplier). Because the cold resistance of desert roses is really too weak. Desert rose prefers loose, permeable, water-permeable, fast-watering soil, so that when we water too much, we can disperse or drain excess water as quickly as possible(black plastic nursery pots). After all, this plant prefers a dry soil environment and is water-resistant.

(cheap 140 mm grower pots wholesale suppliers sa)Therefore, we must carry out the soiling according to its habits, and prepare a potting environment suitable for growth(105 cell plug trays supplier). The desert rose is neither cold-resistant nor water-resistant. It is very afraid of water in the basin, because it is easy to rotten in the basin. Therefore, the watering work must be done well, not only to control the amount of water, but also to control the watering frequency(plug trays wholesale). Many desert plants stop growing in environments below 15 °C.

Since the temperature will soon drop below 15 °C after entering the winter(32 cell plug trays supplier), we will apply some slow-release fertilizers based on phosphorus and potassium to supplement the nutrients and improve the plants before we move the plants into the house in winter. Cold resistance. When the temperature rises to 15 °C, the desert rose will start to grow, then it will enter the growing season(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), we can apply the quick-acting fertilizer and slow-release fertilizer based on phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, so that it can have enough energy. flowering.(cheap 140 mm grower pots wholesale suppliers sa)

Moreover, timely and scientific fertilization before winter can ensure the safe and smooth wintering of the plants(seed starting trays supplier). Crab-claw orchids need to consume a lot of nutrients during the flowering period. In order to allow the plants to obtain sufficient nutrients to maintain bloom, it is usually possible to apply an appropriate amount of granular compound fertilizer during the flowering period of the crab claw orchid(wholesale nursery pots). Do not directly bury the fertilizer near the root of the plant, otherwise it will cause fat damage and cause different degrees of damage to the root system.

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