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Cheap 15 Gallon Black Plastic Pots Suppliers Australia

There are two kinds of Houttuynia: The commercial value of Houttuynia cordata is higher than that of red stem(50 cell seed starting trays). The germination rate of Houttuynia cordata seeds is not high, so artificial planting of Houttuynia cordata mostly adopts asexual propagation. Do not apply any fertilizer 30 days before harvest(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). Water in time in case of drought, and remove ponding in time in rainy season.

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When it is mature in winter(72 cell seedling trays wholesale), the stem without diseases and insect pests shall be selected as the propagation material to remove the tender, slender, weak, and disease and insect infested rhizome, but it cannot be lacked. Select the good quality old stem which is thick and fat, with long internode and little loss of rhizome(72 cell seed trays wholesale). During the whole growth period of Houttuynia cordata, the soil moisture should be maintained properly.(cheap 15 gallon black plastic pots suppliers australia)

Timely irrigation, because the planting of Houttuynia cordata in spring(105 cell plant trays), the germination of the stems is fast, the buds are neat, the growth period is long, and the yield can be higher. Cut the stems into 10-15cm segments with sterilized scissors, soak the cut stems in 1500-2000 times diluent of 70% methyltobujin wettable powder for 15-20min(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), take them out and dry them, and lay them evenly in the planting ditch every 5-8cm.

And covered with 4-5cm of fine soil, so that Houttuynia early seedling(nursery trays). Weeds should be weeded in time in seedling stage to reduce the consumption of soil nutrients by weeds and affect the growth of Houttuynia cordata. The seedlings need to be weeded for 2-3 times before they survive to be closed(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). After they are closed, they can be weeded according to the situation of the forest to ensure the normal growth of the plants.

(cheap 15 gallon black plastic pots suppliers australia)During the growth period of Houttuynia cordata, the fertilizer should be applied for 1-2 times, mainly nitrogen and potassium, with less amount of phosphorus(128 cell seed trays). When the height of the seedlings is 3-5cm, the first fertilizer can be applied(10 gallon nursery pots bulk). Because of its special fishy smell, keep 2-3 segments in each segment, combined with weeding, Houttuynia cordata has few diseases and insect pests. white stem and red stem.

At this time, the demand for nitrogen fertilizer is large(162 cell seed starting trays). 4-5 parts of rotten human feces and urine can be mixed with water, with the amount of 1000-1500kg / 667m2. At the same time, 20-30kg urea can be added to the roots to promote the rapid growth of seedlings(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). The planting time of Houttuynia cordata in spring and autumn is better before and after spring. The soil moisture is closely related to the quality of Houttuynia cordata.

With the growth of stem and leaf entering the vigorous stage, the amount of fertilizer needed will increase gradually(200 cell seed starting trays), and potassium and phosphorus fertilizer will be applied at the same time of maintaining the supply of original nitrogen fertilizer(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). Every 667m2, 1500-2000kg of decomposed diluted human feces, 20-30kg of urea, 30-45kg of potassium sulfate and 20-25kg of superphosphate were applied.(cheap 15 gallon black plastic pots suppliers australia)

It can be used to irrigate the stump with 800-1200 times solution of 70% tolbutine, once every 10-15 days, twice or three times in succession(15 cell trays bulk). After each harvest, according to the situation of diseases and insect pests, scarification and topdressing, the quicklime can be applied to 75-100kg / 667m2(bulk 20 gallon pots), and the soil can be turned over deeply to disinfect the soil, adjust the pH of the soil and reduce the disease.

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