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Cheap 15 Gallon Nursery Grow Bags Suppliers Peru

Transplanted seedling management In late April, before seedling emergence, the seedbed is irrigated with water to facilitate seedling growth and reduce root injury, and the root system can be more soil(40 cell seed tray inserts). Seedlings are now planted to improve the survival rate of transplantation(propagation flats). At the time of transplantation, the row spacing was 20 cm x 30 cm.

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Before the transplantation, 4 to 5 tons of rotten farmhouse manure and ternary compound fertilizer with a content of 15% each were applied to 0.05 tons(51 cell plug trays). After planting, water enough to keep the seedlings dry but not wet, and strengthen the control of diseases, insects and weeds(large nursery containers). Early June, 0.025 tons of urea can be applied per acre before rainy days or before the soil is dry-irrigated to promote seedling growth.(cheap 15 gallon nursery grow bags suppliers peru)

The average height of the transplanted seedlings that year was about 1.5 meters and the ground diameter was 1.5 cm(40 cell plug tray). However, the yet-to-be-cooked young shoots of the year were used as rootstocks, and relatively mature shoots of good varieties were used as grafts for grafting(plastic flower pots). Stop watering a few days before grafting to reduce excessive injury during grafting. Spray 1% urea or potassium diargon phosphate solution on the leaf surface.

Finally cover with film, pour water, ventilate and bright place, remove the film and ventilate once a day(seedling tray 104 holes). It usually survives for about 45 days. Graft before spring bud growth. Then the diameter of the stems and stems of the rootstock should be above 1 cm. It has single buds and leaves no leaves(big flower pots wholesale). When grafting, the rootstock interface is cut flat, and cut according to the diameter of the scion at an appropriate location on the rootstock interface.

(cheap 15 gallon nursery grow bags suppliers peru)After the cutting temperature of the cutting seedlings warmed in spring, the scion was inserted into the "V" -shaped groove of the rootstock, aligned with Abian to form a layer, and tied with plastic film(50 deep cell plug trays). Insert the wedge-shaped lower end of the scion into the rootstock slit, align the two to form a layer, and tie it tightly with a film(5 gallon planter). After grafting, the leaves below the rootstock graft are removed to promote scion budding.

The thickness of the rootstock and scion must be the same(104 cell seed starting trays). The scion is 2-3 cm in length and leaves the top buds and the top 2 leaves. Cut off the top of the rootstock and use a razor blade to cut vertically down to 1 cm along the pith. After sowing, a plastic arch shed should be set up on the bed surface to prevent heavy rain(seed starting pots). Purple-leaf plums can reach 8 meters in height and are planted in the courtyard. After deep ploughing and fine raking, transplant. 

(cheap 15 gallon nursery grow bags suppliers peru)Purple-leaf plums often reproduce by grafting and cuttings, but the growth of cuttings is slower(105 cell propagation trays). Crush the prepared crop stalks into small pieces of about 3 centimeters, then mix the human, animal and poultry feces with the smashed stalks at a ratio of 3: 7, and pour enough water(hydroponics trays cheap). Seal the interface tightly with a film to prevent water loss. The scion base has a diameter of about 0.8 cm and a length of 5 cm. 

Select rainy or sunny day after 4 pm for transplantation(105 cell seed starter trays). Along with the summer harvest and summer crops, a large amount of straw produced in wheat fields can be used to make fertilizer. Now we will introduce the method of making straw fertilizer: prepare crop straw, human feces, livestock and poultry feces, and an appropriate amount of horse feces(15 gallon planters). Selection is growing. The lower end is cut into a "V" shape.(cheap 15 gallon nursery grow bags suppliers peru)

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