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Cheap 15 Gallon Nursery Trade Pots Suppliers Mexico

Different flowers and plants have different habits(black plastic nursery pots), some require high temperature, light and fertilizer, and need to be carefully taken care of; some can be well maintained without much labor, such as fairy ball, Wenzhu and so on. Here are some recommended potted plants for domestic use. The prickly pear is of course the easiest to maintain plastic potted potted plant representative(15 gallon pots distributor), native to the South American desert, where the hot, dry, and rain-free climate makes it resistant to drought.

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(cheap 15 gallon nursery trade pots suppliers mexico)Therefore, it is very suitable for people who are busy with work(plastic nursery pots). If there is no effort to manage flowers and plants, even if you forget to water the water for ten days and a half, it will not have much impact on it. Green radish is also called golden geese and golden vine. It belongs to the perennial evergreen grass plant, with soft branches and green leaves. The branches can grow and grow, and they are very malleable. They can be grown in ordinary plastic pots and can be placed on windowsills, desks and other places(14 gallon pots distributor). You can also embed wooden stakes in plastic pots to allow the green radish to climb up. Of course, you can also use the hanging pot to enjoy the effect.

If you want to save the trouble of replacing plastic pots, you can also choose hydroponics(plastic nursery pots wholesale). No matter which method does not take too much effort, it is very convenient to maintain. Wenzhu is also called Yunsong Song and Yunzhu. It belongs to the perennial evergreen vines and leaves plants. It takes the meaning of “the elegant bamboo”. In fact, it is not bamboo, just because the leaves are soft, green all the year round(7 gallon pots distributor), the branches are a bit like bamboo, and the posture is elegant and elegant, so it is called Wenzhu.

(cheap 15 gallon nursery trade pots suppliers mexico)Wenzhu has no special requirements for light, and can be placed anywhere in the room(plug trays wholesale). There is no requirement for fertilizer and moisture. The best viewing age of Wenzhu is about three years. After three years, the leaves will gradually fall off and the leaves will not be green. However, due to the strong germination ability of the bamboo, when the plants show signs of decline, cut the old branches in time(5 gallon pots distributor), pour enough water, and then put them in a cool and ventilated place, and soon they can grow new branches and restore their vitality.

The outermost part of the root is easily separated from the inner layer(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The new plastic flower pot is no higher than the old plastic flower pot 2 to 6 cm. Place the orchid in the center of the plastic flower pot. When placing it, try to keep the new branch away from the inner wall of the basin so that it can grow unrestricted for the longest time(3 gallon pots distributor). After the pot is changed, carefully pour the new soil over the roots and fill it 2 cm from the edge of the plastic pot to leave some space to avoid spilling the house when it is watered.

(cheap 15 gallon nursery trade pots suppliers mexico)Do not break the root when changing the basin(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Try to keep the inner layer of the root intact. After the orchid has grown to support the new root, it is no longer necessary to be fixed on the stick. For beginners, you can start with this kind of flowers and slowly accumulate experience. After changing the basin, it takes 2 to 3 days to water, to avoid bacterial invasion, resulting in root rot or disease(2 gallon pots distributor). At the same time, prepare a label and write the time to replace the plastic flower pot so that the pot can be replaced in time.

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