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Phalaenopsis is an epiphytic orchid native to the tropics and is known as the “Lanhou”(black plastic plant pots). The raceme is full of flowers, the shape of the flower is like a butterfly, the flower is bright and colorful, and the flowering period is very long. It is one of the most widely cultivated and popular species in orchids, and is loved by people all over the world. As a very important indoor flower, it is often seen in homes and offices(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), and in some areas it is often used as a bride's bouquet.(cheap 15 gallon plastic nursery pots wholesale)

Phalaenopsis is multiplied by tissue culture, but requires equipment and conditions that only professionals can do(plug trays). Phalaenopsis belongs to uniaxial plants, and generally does not produce buds, which makes many flower lovers who want to breed under family conditions deeply regret. Breeding techniques for breeding and stimulating axillary buds using butterfly orchid stems(square grow pots). Cut the residual flowers on the peduncle after flowering with the pedicel(nursery plant pots), and pay attention to retain the ungerminated buds (about three or four sections).

(cheap 15 gallon plastic nursery pots wholesale)Then, carefully remove the bracts from the top and bottom buds to expose the buds. Be careful not to damage the buds(cell trays). Apply a small amount of germination agent (phytohormone) evenly to the buds. The wound is also smeared and the effect is better. Place the treated orchids in a suitable place (can see the light and not directly). The temperature should be kept at 25~30°C, the humidity is above 75%(large plastic terracotta pots), and new flower seedlings can be grown in 2~3 months.

Generally, when the new seedling grows to a certain size, a small amount of water moss is wrapped around the base of the seedling(105 cell seed starting trays). When the seedling grows two or three thick roots, it can be cut and planted separately. A small amount of germination agent is evenly applied to the bud, and if the wound after removing the plaque is also applied, the effect is better(50 cell seed starting trays). The buds of the peduncle are not germinated (about three or four sections). Phalaenopsis usually divides flowers from the base of the pedicel (near the mother plant) in sections 6 and 7.

(cheap 15 gallon plastic nursery pots wholesale)Phalaenopsis is in different seasons(gallon plant pot), so the management method of water is also different: in addition to the first section of the base, peeling off the bracts located in the following sections of the flowering node, all of which can be seen, are good materials for reproduction. The bud culture of the butterfly orchid stalk is limited, and the material is not restricted from the time of flower stalk production(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). After the flower is withered, the peduncle is green and not yellow. Can be used as a culture material.

The method of rooting is correct. Phalaenopsis has a beautiful face that stands out among the many plants(gallon nursery pots), and the decoration of the house will make the house a little purple. The air humidity in spring is large, and it can be watered once every 3-7 days. In summer and autumn, the ambient temperature is high, the water evaporates greatly, and water is poured once every 1-2 days. In the winter, the air humidity is small, and watering can be done once a week(plastic plant trays wholesale). It is also necessary to avoid water accumulation in the blade, and the water accumulated in the blade is liable to cause frostbite in the blade.

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