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To make it rooted with water, you can first cut the strong golden branches and leaves of the treaty for about 10 centimeters long(plastic nursery pots). Place the ventilation in the ventilated place and put it in the water container. The key is not to let the branches of the golden branches and leaves enter the water, but let The lower end of the branch is about half a centimeter to about 1 cm from the surface of the water, even if it is fully exposed to moisture but not to water(1 gallon plastic pots). Place it in a scattered light, but avoid direct sunlight. You will see the roots grow about 20 days later.

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(cheap 15 gallon plastic planters wholesale suppliers nz)The roots must be grown to allow half or 2/3 of the roots to enter the water(2 gallon pots), and half or one third of the roots must be exposed to the air. The golden stalk leaves are perennial evergreen succulent shrubs of the genus Pythium, which are succulent, purple-brown to light brown, with branches close to horizontal. Many friends want to know how the golden branches and leaves are hydroponically cultivated(7 gallon plant pots). The natural light that comes in from windows and other places is not necessary to get to the sun. In the summer, try to avoid changing the sun.

The suitable growth temperature of hydroponic plants is above 5 degrees Celsius and below 30 degrees Celsius. That is to say(black plastic nursery pots), as long as it is a temperature that people feel comfortable, plants will feel very comfortable. Each time the water is changed, the roots and containers of the plants are rinsed with water, and the dead leaves and rotten roots are trimmed to promote the growth of new roots. But be careful not to hurt the aquatic roots(3 gallon flower pots), otherwise it will affect the growth of the plants. Changing the water means replacing the water in the bottle with the nutrient solution.

(cheap 15 gallon plastic planters wholesale suppliers nz)Under normal circumstances, change water in spring and autumn 5 to 10 days(seed trays); change water in about 5 days in summer; change water in 10 to 15 days in winter (after half a day of tap water, add concentrated nutrient solution in proportion). Golden jade leaves are fleshy plants and are rarely hydroponically cultivated. Generally, you can use the special nutrient solution for hydroponics sold on the market(10 gallon nursery pots). You can use the appropriate concentration according to the instructions, such as dilution 400 times or 1000 times. Do not make mistakes.

When preparing, the tap water should be placed for two hours to half a day(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). After the temperature is close to room temperature, the chlorine in the water is evaporated, and then the concentrated nutrient solution is added in proportion, it becomes a nutrient solution for raising water and cultivating plants. In addition, the pruning work before and after the flowering period is also very critical(1.5 gallon pot). Appropriate pruning and shaping of potted crab claws can keep the shape of the plant more symmetrical and coordinated; on the other hand, it can also play an important role in improving flowering quality.

(cheap 15 gallon plastic planters wholesale suppliers nz)The following is a brief introduction to the hydroponic method of hydroponic gold and jade leaves(25 gallon tree pots). Scattered light is dominant. It is mainly to cut off or remove the uneven flower buds that grow on the uneven stems and stems, avoiding unnecessary nutrient consumption, and avoiding the size of the blooming flowers. In the following 2-3 months, when the flowering season of potted crab claws has passed(20 gallon pots for plants), the plants will enter a process of fading and then go to sleep.

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