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The nutrient management of longevity flowers is very important for their growth and flowering(2 gallon plant pots). It is usually supplemented with NPK fertilizers, but when these elements are ingested, they need to be carried out in strict accordance with the standards. As a home pot user, Xiao Bian recommends that you use cooked soy beans to increase your nutrients. Because soy is not only rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but also has many trace elements(black plastic plant pots), it is better to use it as a nutrient to supplement nutrients for longevity flowers.

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(cheap 15 gallon plastic pots wholesale supplier)Below, Xiaobian introduces the steps to use the cooked soybeans to topdress(20 gallon plant pots)! Step 1: First, put the dried soybeans in the water to soak them, let them foam, and then pour them into the pot with water. Cook it in. Step 2: In the four corners of the potted longevity flower pots (because the square pots are used), each of the original ones is used to bury the cooked soybeans(gallon nursery pots). Note that the position of the hole should be kept at a certain distance from the plant, preferably close to the inner wall of the basin.

Step 3: Put a few soy beans in the four holes that have been dug, and then fill and cover the four holes with the moist potting soil(1 gallon pots). Through the above methods, we can achieve the purpose of effective topdressing for potted longevity flowers. However, the intake of various elements in the fertilization process is strictly required. Generally, in the early stage of plant growth, nitrogen fertilizer should be taken more, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be taken less(nursery trays). In the middle and late growth stages, the phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are usually taken as the main fertilizer, and the nitrogen fertilizer is less.

(cheap 15 gallon plastic pots wholesale supplier)So, what kind of fertilizer is used for potted longevity flowers(3 gallon pots)? If you can master this skill and follow this standard, you will often be able to meet the nutrient requirements of potted longevity flowers. Potted longevity flowers usually need to be kept warm and blooming when the light temperature is appropriate and the water and fertilizer are sufficient. Especially fertilization, if the nutrients are insufficient or the nutrients are not balanced(gallon plant pot), it may affect the normal growth of the plants, and the flowering and before and after fertilization are also very important.

So, how do you fertilize potted longevity flowers? Today, Xiaobian introduces the fertilization techniques of longevity flowers(7 gallon pots). Longevity flower is a kind of fertile plant. In order to ensure sufficient nutrients to maintain growth, it is usually necessary to apply proper top dressing after half a month of planting on the seedlings. It can be applied 2-3 times of thin liquid fertilizer, mainly to take nitrogen to promote stems. Leaf growth(fabric plant pots). In the post-flowering period, you can also ingest a thin liquid fertilizer containing nitrogen to make it rejuvenate quickly.(cheap 15 gallon plastic pots wholesale supplier)

Potted longevity flowers should be low in intake of NPK fertilizer in the early stage(10 gallon pots), and appropriate increase of some nitrogen fertilizer, so as to ensure that the leaves grow very rich; and in the middle and late stages, in order to promote the formation of flower buds and achieve the flowering and bursting of the scene, it is usually necessary More intake of some NPK fertilizer, but less nitrogen fertilizer(best 1020 trays). The general flower is not suitable for fertilization at the flowering stage, but because the flowering period of the longevity flower is often long, the original consumption consumes more nutrients, so it is necessary to apply fertilizer in time.

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