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Artificial propagation(50 cell tray): The five-needle pine introduced and cultivated in our country has less fruit and more stunted growth, and the seed germination rate is very low, so the grafting method is used for propagation. Reproduction by grafting method can cultivate better five-needle pine bonsai in a short time(mushroom growing trays). Bud grafting has a higher survival rate and rapid growth, but care should be taken to remove the ligature in time.

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Under the condition of obtaining seeds, sowing and breeding can be carried out(v13 nursery pots). Take the seedlings of black pine 2-3 years old as the rootstock, and select the annual branches from the sturdy five-needle pine tree as the scion, about 8-10 cm in length, cut off the lower half of the needles, and cut or splice it on the rootstock. Root neck. After grafting, keep the soil up to the grafting place and place it in a shaded place(elfin thyme plug tray). Spray water in the morning.(cheap 15 cm plastic plant pots manufacturers usa)

After the scion germinates, the apex branches and leaves of the rootstock are cut off(72 cell plug flats). Later, as the scion sprouts and grows, the rootstock above the scion is cut off in stages to become five-needle pine plants. The seedlings grow slowly, and the two-year-old seedlings are only a few centimeters high. They are of little value in the production of bonsai and are mostly not used(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). In general, the selection of five-needle pine pots should be slightly shallow or small.

(cheap 15 cm plastic plant pots manufacturers usa)Bud grafting is carried out when the rootstock just germinates from March to April(288 cell tray). The buds that grow about 3 cm from the robust five-needle pine tree are selected as the buds, and they are connected to the top buds of the black pine by splitting, and the rootstock branches and needles are used to cover the shade(bulk 2 gallon containers). Be protected. For the cultivation of five-needle pine, the soil should be loose, and the maintenance should be done carefully. 

The buds can also be connected to the main and lateral branches of the rootstock at an earlier stage, so that they can sprout and grow instead of black pine branches and leaves(herb plug trays). The seedling stage needs to be carefully managed, the curved-drying pot can be slightly deeper, and water is often sprayed to keep the soil moist, and shade sheds are set up to prevent strong sunlight(nursery tray price). The following spring can be planted separately to cultivate strong and large seedlings.

From March to April in spring, sown on fertile and loose seedbeds, preferably landscaping, and germinate in about a month(50 cell plug flats). It is necessary to spray water to keep the soil moist. During the growth period, apply thin and mature cake fertilizer to promote growth and development. Avoid exposing the soil to the hot sun, so that the soil is too dry(24 cell trays bulk). But if too much watering or too thick fertilization, it is not conducive to growth.(cheap 15 cm plastic plant pots manufacturers usa)

Do not put five-needle pine indoors to avoid rotten roots(32 cell tray). Selection of pots: The five-needle pine has a quaint posture and lush green leaves in all seasons. It is advisable to choose a simple, simple and deep purple clay pottery pot. Large-scale five-needle pine bonsai can also use alumite(2 gallon plant pots distributor), marble and other stone-cut pots, but attention must be paid to the bottom of the pot to drill holes and fill sand to facilitate water penetration.

(cheap 15 cm plastic plant pots manufacturers usa)Generally, rectangular or oval shallow pots are suitable for straight-drying, oblique-drying, and combined planting(72 plug tray); such as a manger pot; The deepest pot is a thousand-tube pot or a medium-deep square or round pot. In the past, some garden units adopted the method of high shoots grafting to promote the cultivation of tree stumps, which also achieved good results(v12 nursery pots). The shape of the pot depends on the shape of the tree.

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