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Potted lavender not only exudes a strong aroma, but also has a high ornamental value(plastic nursery pots), so it is very popular with the public. So, what about potted lavender withered? In fact, not only lavender(1 gallon pots manufacturer), but many other flower plants often have short-term branches and wilting after being changed or transplanted.

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For this case, it is mainly because the new potted lavender has not yet adapted to the new environment immediately(wholesale nursery pots). Potted lavender is usually watered after the potting soil has dried up, and strives to achieve "see dry and wet". However, many basin friends reflected the phenomenon of wilting after the lavender was changed or transplanted(cheap 150 gallon grow bags wholesale supplier). 

If you change the basin or transplant the pot according to the standard process, and the branches and leaves of the plant still have a large area withered for a long time(2 gallon pots manufacturer), it means that the curing conditions after the pot change are not suitable for the plant serving basin, and then there will always be withering. After the plants are served, the plants will resume normal growth and the withering will disappear. 

(cheap 150 gallon grow bags wholesale supplier)Then, in this case, we must take timely measures, otherwise death may occur(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The reason for this is mainly due to the following three factors: Since lavender has just completed the upper basin, it has not yet adapted to the environment. The potted plants can be placed in the shade or shaded in time, and then some water is sprayed appropriately.

Before the service basin, if the illumination is too much and too strong, and the root system of the plant has not yet recovered the extraction capacity(7 gallon pots manufacturer), it will naturally cause the water to evaporate a lot and it will not be effectively replenished in time. If the ventilation is not smooth and the air is turbid, the plants are more prone to withering and cyanosis(cheap 150 gallon grow bags wholesale supplier). 

Therefore, the plant will wither due to lack of water(black plastic nursery pots). And even if the lavender grows normally, it can't be exposed to the sun for a long time, otherwise it will still show the phenomenon of branches and leaves. Therefore, in view of this phenomenon caused by improper lighting in the new upper basin, we must adjust the lighting strategy in time, and then pay attention to the moisturizing work(1 gallon pots distributor).

(cheap 150 gallon grow bags wholesale supplier)I believe this phenomenon will be improved soon(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Lavender prefers a well-ventilated environment, especially in the form of potted lavender. Originality should ensure smooth ventilation. This is especially true for the new lavender(2 gallon plant pots wholesale). Therefore, we must promptly check and correct ourselves and solve the problem completely.

If there is no shade, you can artificially build a shade shelter(plug trays wholesale). This will ensure that the growth environment of the potted lavender is kept ventilated, which is more conducive to the normal growth of the plant, and also reduces the risk of pests and diseases. It should not be poured for a long time, nor should it be over-watered(2 gallon plant pots supplier). It is necessary to grasp the degree and make it appropriate.

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