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Cheap 150 MM Plastic Grower Pots Wholesale

Reasonable close planting, pay attention to ditch drainage(large plastic terracotta pots), timely remove diseased leaves, diseased plants, increase ventilation and light transmission, and reduce field humidity. Disinfect seeds and soil to reduce the source of bacteria. The seeds are rinsed with 10%-15% saline or ammonium sulfate aqueous solution, and then immersed in 55 ° C warm water for 15 minutes for disinfection(18 cell seed starting trays); 70% thiophanate-methyl WP or 50% carbendazim carbendazim before planting 2-3 kg of wettable powder is mixed with fine soil and disinfected on the surface.(cheap 150 mm plastic grower pots wholesale)

At a temperature of 20 ° C, the humidity is greater than 80%, which is conducive to the occurrence of the disease(gallon pot). In the early stage of the growth of lettuce, the early stage of the disease or the early stage of the disease, the above are the symptoms, occurrence regularity and prevention methods of the lettuce sclerotinia, and the bacterial tuberculosis It occurs in both open field cultivation and greenhouse cultivation, mainly affecting the stem base of lettuce, and it is the peak period before harvest(seed propagation trays). Must pay attention, prevent and control in time, and avoid unnecessary losses.

(cheap 150 mm plastic grower pots wholesale)Lettuce sclerotinia is like a warm and humid environment(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), but some young people still don't grow vegetables. So today, Xiaobian will introduce you to seven kinds of vegetables. If you learn, even if you are a white, you can easily get started. Little friends should make detailed plans for their land, what to plant, and where to plant(72 cell seed starter trays). You can ask more experienced farmers or experts to do so, so you can take a lot of detours.

Of course, if it is Daejeon, you can use a rotary tiller(seed starting trays). After all, mechanical operation saves time and labor, and it is deeper than manual tillage. If it is a garden garden, you can only prepare for exercise. Although it is very tired in this respect, you must not be lazy, cultivate the depth of the field, and the loess becomes gold(50 cell seed starter trays)! If you grow vegetables that like climbing. Then you need to install a pergola for them to help them climb smoothly.

(cheap 150 mm plastic grower pots wholesale)This will not only save garden space, but also assist in the growth of crops such as beans and cucumbers(plastic plant trays wholesale). Sufficient moisture allows them to thrive faster. If they are vegetables in pots, they need to be watered frequently. These plants are more likely to dry than plants grown directly on the ground(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). Although fertilization is very beneficial to the growth of vegetables, excessive amounts can also burn the roots of vegetables, making your efforts impossible.

This is more beneficial for the growth of vegetables than for unregulated fertilization(square grow pots). The most obvious advantage of growing your own vegetables is that you know your vegetables are free of harmful chemicals. If you use chemical pesticides to deworm, it is not natural. Xiao Bian recommends that you use homemade oil or other natural ingredients to make insecticides. This insecticide can also achieve a good insecticidal effect(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). What's even better is that it does not contain any harmful substances!(cheap 150 mm plastic grower pots wholesale)

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