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Therefore, after the onset of the disease will affect the normal growth of pepper(wholesale nursery pots), it is necessary to effectively consider the environment and soil conditions, market prospects and transportation and storage conditions of the planting area, and can pass the ground insect or chlorpyrifos granule insecticide to the mulch film(50 cell seed starter trays). For example, the white film can be selected in the winter and spring seasons, which can effectively achieve the effect of moisturizing and heat preservation.

It is expected that viral diseases will be spread by insects such as aphids(black plastic nursery pots), and the use of Amerika, acetamiprid, imidacloprid, and Kung Fu will be used to control aphids. Winter melon is a common vegetable that is affordable and many people like it. Many households in rural areas have winter melon planting(72 cell seed starter trays). Now, melon is in the melon period. If the rate of melon is low, it will have a great impact on the yield. How to increase the melon rate?(cheap 17cm plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)

If it is subjected to continuous low temperature and low temperature, the light is insufficient, it is easy to fall, melon and rotten melon(seed propagation trays), the air humidity is high, affecting the leaf transpiration, and has a great influence on pollination, fruit setting and fruit development. Pests and diseases are high, and in most cases, because of the rainy weather(104 cell seed starting trays), once the humidity increases, the bacteria in the air are active and ready to harm the crops.

(cheap 17cm plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)Let's take a look at the following(plastic nursery pots). In case of bad weather, artificially assisted pollination, timely drainage, and early drug control, the general pests are not easy to find, because the insects are small. However, as long as you carefully observe and detect early, you can reduce the loss. If the melon is suffering from an epidemic disease(18 cell seed starting trays), carbendazim, chlorothalonil, and 65% dasen zinc wettable powder 500-600 times solution may be used.

When the fruit grows to the size of the fist, it is rich in nutrients, and the fruit fertilizer is applied once(cell trays). Still need sufficient sunshine and temperature. At the same time, pay attention to the rational application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. The plants with weak growth should be harvested as early as possible, and the plants should be harvested at appropriate nights(20 cell seed starting trays). Seasonal factors can be considered when making choices and coverage.(cheap 17cm plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)

Winter melon should be timely vine, pressed vine, topping the heart, hitting the side branch to measure the timely melon(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Before flowering, take the blooming male flowers every day at 6-9 am, remove the petals, and apply the pollen on the anthers to the head of the female flower(40 cell seed starting trays). Spray the fruit with a solution of 8~15 mg/kg gibberellin. Spray the semi-open flower or smear the flower handle with a 2,4-drip solution of 15~25 mg/kg.

(cheap 17cm plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)However, the seedling stage is weak in fertility, and the soil fertility technique is adopted(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The low temperature is conducive to the differentiation of winter melon flower buds. However, in the growth period, attention is paid to the root dressing in the late stage, through the application of insect nets or the trapping of male adults, and the soil of melons(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). Diseases are very difficult to deal with, and there is common blight. Blight and rickets.

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