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Cheap 2 Gallon Plastic Nursery Pots For Sale

The seedbed is opened at 1.6m in the north-south direction(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the width of the sloping surface is 1.3m, the width of the drainage ditch is 30cm, and the depth of the ditch is 30cm. The sloping surface is suitable for flat hoe. In the early spring (before February 4th), deep ploughing ploughing was carried out, combined with 1500 kg of decomposed organic fertilizer(6 cell plant trays), 20 kg of compound fertilizer and 50 kg of calcium, so that the bed soil and fertilizer were thoroughly mixed.

It is necessary to complete the land preparation to achieve the leveling of the flat, the soil, the ditch, the ditch and the ditch(plastic nursery pots), and lay a good foundation for cultivating the strong seedlings. In order to prevent the soil from carrying bacteria, after the seedbed bed is leveled, the seedbed disinfection can be carried out by spraying 2 dikesone solution(8 cell seed trays), and 2 kg of the original powder of the enemy Kesong can be used to combine the soil preparation to disinfect the seedbed soil.(cheap 2 gallon plastic nursery pots for sale)

The length of the seedbed is determined according to the topography and seeding amount(wholesale plant pots), so that it is convenient to manage. The minimum temperature for sweet potato germination is 16 ° C, and it can be sown when the temperature of the soil (10 cm deep) is stable through 16 ° C. Generally 20cm × 40cm, that is, the plant spacing is 20cm, the row spacing is 40cm, and there are 6 potato varieties in each row(12 cell seed trays). The size of the potato pieces is different and the amount of seed is different. 

Select seed potatoes before sowing, choose the characteristics of this variety(plastic nursery pots wholesale), no pests, no damage, moderate size (4-6 double), the shape of the potato block is correct, the potato skin is smooth, the potato pieces are not affected by freezing. The selected potato chips were soaked in carbendazim solution for 20 minutes, taken out and dried for use. There are many large potato chips, the amount of seeds is large(18 cell seed trays), the number of small potato pieces is large, the amount of seed is small, and the amount of seed used is 1000-1200 kg.

(cheap 2 gallon plastic nursery pots for sale)Sweet potato seeding methods are flat, oblique, and straight(5 gallon pots for plants). There are a large number of seedlings per potato seed in the flat row, which can make full use of the limited seedbed area, and can provide sufficient seedlings for large-scale production. The production is mainly based on flat seeding. At the same time, because the size of the potato pieces is different(36 cell trays bulk), it is necessary to sort and choose, so that the large potato is densely packed and the small potato is thinned.

After the seedlings are covered with soil, the water can be poured in time, and artificial pouring or furrow irrigation can be used(black plastic nursery pots). When the film is covered, the two sides are tightened and straightened, and the surrounding area is compacted and compacted. The translucent surface is not less than 1.3m(one gallon pots), and the film volume per mu is 3 kg. The film is covered with a 1.5m wide film.(cheap 2 gallon plastic nursery pots for sale)

The thickness of the cover soil above the potato block is uniform, and the emergence of the seedlings is neat, which is convenient for the management of the seedbed(24 cell seed trays). When covering the soil, the thickness should be the same, and it is better to cover the seed potato. Seedbeds with more underground pests, combined with soil cover, 2 kg or 3 phoxim particles (Budidi) 4 kg insecticide for underground pest control(40 cell seed tray inserts), increase seedling rate, promote Miaoqi, Miaoyun, Miao Zhuang.

The sandy loam without pathogens acts as a seedbed(planting trays). In the case of furrow irrigation, it is not possible to flood the area, and it is better to use water to reach the edge. Fields with higher groundwater level should be drained in time to prevent seed potato from rot. In order to promote the early growth of seed potatoes, increase the temperature and humidity(4 cell seed starting trays), reach the seedlings, seedlings, and seedlings, and cover the film in time after irrigation.(cheap 2 gallon plastic nursery pots for sale)

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