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Cheap 2 Gallon Plastic Planters Wholesale Suppliers Canada

Domestic research on seedling planting line equipment is relatively late compared to European and American countries(32 cell plug trays supplier). In recent years, with the vigorous promotion of factory seedling technology, related production equipment and seedling technology have gradually been recognized by most farmers, which has promoted the development of related industries. However, it is limited by factors such as imperfect domestic seedling equipment technology(wholesale nursery pots), large number of small seedling enterprises, limited purchasing power and complex working environment requirements.

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(cheap 2 gallon plastic planters wholesale suppliers canada)Domestic researchers mainly develop seedling equipment suitable for China's national conditions based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology(105 cell plug trays supplier). China's nursery industry is also in the stage of transition from semi-automation to full automation. In order to meet the needs of small-scale farmers, Deng Jianfeng and other developed manual seedling and punching devices. By manually pressing the handle, the whole plate is pressed to ensure the shape(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), position and depth of the hole are uniform, and screw lifting devices are arranged on both sides to adjust the depth of the pressure hole.

The device has a simple structure, low cost, and is free from restrictions on electric power or power driving(50 cell plug trays supplier), and the use range is expanded to meet the operation needs of small farmers. However, for large-scale nursery growers, the efficiency is low and the labor intensity is high. A new type of hole puncher based on a parallel four-bar mechanism is provided, and the pressure pinhole is driven by rotating the pressure hole plate to realize the pressure hole(plug trays wholesale). For different sizes of trays, change the number of pressure plate and pressure pin to match.

(cheap 2 gallon plastic planters wholesale suppliers canada)At the same time, the pressure hole plate flattens the matrix around the hole(72 cell plant trays bulk), so that the hole shape of the extrusion hole is regular and the substrate is not backfilled, which is suitable for the pipeline operation, and the overall structure is simple and the cost is low. In addition, referring to the foreign single-row or multi-row pressure point mechanism, combined with the actual situation of the domestic substrate, the plate type pressure hole device as shown in Fig(black plastic nursery pots). 7 has been developed. The improved pneumatic driving mode is hydraulic drive, and the whole plate pressure point effect is stable, adapting to different substrates. Or bed soil pressure needs.

Similarly, the embossing device in the production line uses a single exhaust pressure driving pressure point mechanism(105 cell plant trays bulk). Figure 8 shows the roller-type pressure point mechanism used by Taizhou Saidelin. Its work does not require separate power. It mainly relies on the movement belt of the tray on the conveyor belt to drive the rotation of the pressure-cylinder roller, and then the pressure-crowding operation of the tray(plastic nursery pots wholesale), the work efficiency High, similar to the pressure hole structure, there is also a 2BYLS-320 rice tray combined seeder.

(cheap 2 gallon plastic planters wholesale suppliers canada)Because of its unpowered driving(128 cell plant trays bulk), this structure is prone to the problem of "chuck" or poor centering of the pressure points during work, resulting in seedling not being centered, poor compaction effect, and affecting the automatic sorting and transplanting of subsequent seedlings. In view of the problem of the occurrence of cross-talk in the process of rice seedling growth caused by the neutrality of the pressure points, Wu Wenfu and other developed the YB-2000 automatic seeding production line(plastic nursery pots), in which the pressure point and the soil-covering link realized synchronous movement through the chain drive.

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