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Cheap 2 Gallon Plastic Pots Manufacturers Russia

So what can washing powder do in agriculture? Let's talk about the wonderful use of washing powder in agriculture(4 inch square nursery pots). It turns out that washing powder is a kind of contact insecticide and acaricide(plant bags wholesale). When it is used, it has a good control effect on the four pests (aphid, spider, whitefly, scale insect) which are often occurred in the family balcony, such as vegetable planting, flower raising, fruit tree and so on.

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Washing powder is no stranger to everyone. Basic household necessities are used for washing powder and stain removal(4 inch square pots). However, the death rate of leaf back and twigs was 100% by spraying 900 times to 1000 times of washing powder for about 1 hour to 2 hours; the control of scale insects, peach aphids and other pests was carried out by spraying 500 times to 700 times of washing powder for three times every three days(1 gallon nursery pots), with the killing rate of 94% to 99.4%. 

(cheap 2 gallon plastic pots manufacturers russia)First use 2 parts of water to dissolve 1 parts of washing powder, and then put it into mother liquor after 1 hours of stationary(plastic garden pots). The liquid medicine prepared by this method is commonly known as "Xiniao mixture", which not only has good insecticidal effect, but also can play the role of external topdressing(wholesale plant pots). Generally, it has strong penetration and contact killing effect, and has special effect on whitefly, scale insect and other pests.

Did you know that this method is often used to control aphids, cabbage worms and spider on cotton, vegetables and flowers(5 gallon garden pots). Because urea can destroy chitin of insects, it is better than washing powder alone(plastic potting pots). The washing powder contains the surfactant sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate, which can make the wax layer on the aphid body wall dissolve, and attach to it to form an impermeable and airtight film, which causes the aphid to suffocate and suffocate.

The mixed use of the two has the advantages of high efficiency, no pollution, convenience and the effect of topdressing(bulk pots). The proportion of washing powder, urea and water is 1:3:300. During the preparation, the washing powder is boiled with hot water, then urea and water are added, and fully stirred(seed propagation trays). When preparing, stir well and do not leave any particles. These particles are easy to cause burning of leaves. Spray evenly, and spray the solution on the aphid.(cheap 2 gallon plastic pots manufacturers russia)

The preparation method is: first, dissolve 0.5 kilograms of washing powder into thin paste with 1.5 kilograms of water, otherwise it will not workthen heat 2.5 kilograms of diesel oil to 60 to 70 degrees Celsius(100 gallon grow bags), then slowly pour into the paste of the washing powder, stir it up side by side, mix it up, spray it into another container with a sprayer, make it fully emulsified(plastic plant trays wholesale), dilute it with water, and then use it, thus improving the control effect.

(cheap 2 gallon plastic pots manufacturers russia)In winter and early spring, 150 times liquid to 200 times liquid(19cm plastic plant pot), and in summer and autumn with 200 times liquid to 300 times liquid spray, the effect of preventing spider mite can reach more than 98%(microgreens growing tray). When chemical pesticides are used to control pests on vegetables (such as cabbage, etc.) with more waxy leaves, 0.1% washing powder is added to the liquid medicine, which can enhance the adhesion and distribution of the liquid medicine.

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